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On Saturday Bien was performing at a concert when a lady approached him and started to dance just right behind him kind of wanting attention from him.

Her wife, Chiki Kuruka, who happened to be around couldn’t stand the show as she walked on to the lady and sent her away to take her dancing skills somewhere else.

In the Video circulating online, Chiki is seen walking straight down from stage to send off the lady.

Her Husband Bien on the other hand doesn’t look so upset as he smiles at the wife as he distances himself from the fan.

Apparently what the fan was looking for was just attention, but Bien’s wife couldn’t let her have that spotlight and brushed her off.

The video attracted many comments online, some congratulating the wife for the bold move as others referred to Bien’s song “NO GO ZONE”

Fans congratulated her for supporting the husband with his career, as the two are seen dancing together on stage doing moves.





Businessman Jimal Rohosafi has surprised his ex-girlfriend with a brand-new car.

Amber ray through her social media page has posted the video captioning with saying that one should never burn bridges.

“Ehe! Kiongozi aliskia nateseka kutumia jeep sahi venye iko juu, Akanitumia gari, enyewe never burn bridges. May God always bless you for me, Chairman.”

These are moments after Amberay announced that she will be taking care of her children alone as in a single mother. Moments after, Kennedy responded back saying that in moments time thus 2 months the truth will be known to the public as to why the break-up happened.

The two were already engaged and were preparing for their unborn child, whom they already had a baby reveal party recently.

Kennedy Rapudo on the other side has refused any allegations associated with moving on from his ex, saying that he isn’t interested in dating anytime soon.

He although promised to meet his responsibilities as a father despite them not being together.

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Omosh who happens to be the Fiancée of Akothee has narrated how he met Kenyan artist Akothee.

Speaking to the press alongside his lover Akothee at the JKIA airport where he had gone to pick, her up, he has disclosed that he met Akothee in Switzerland.

He said that he had gone to do a business meeting when he bounced into her and decided to make his move.

Asked why he chose her, he replied saying that she is so honest, intelligent and trustworthy.

Speaking of the rumors circulating out there about them getting married soon, he said he cares less about it as only him and his lover know what they are doing and how it means to them.

He also did point out challenges he has faced dating Akothee who is a celebrity, saying it’s a challenge.

“Yes, sometimes it’s so a little bit annoying…because we don’t have the privacy.”

He also disclosed the one thing that he doesn’t like seeing Akothee wearing is the makeup and rather prefers her without, as he said he loves her naturally they way she is.

Akothee also plans to get married three times this year, one wedding will take part in Kenya while another one will happen in Switzerland, the third one’s location is yet to be revealed.

The two are set to wed on 10th of April and their wedding will be a private one.

omosh and akothee interview
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The Late Interior designer Jeff Mwathi’s body has been exhumed at his place in Likia, Nakuru County.


The process is currently underway by Homicide detectives that were directed by the boss of Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) Mohamed Amin.

The DCI wants to do an autopsy for the ongoing investigations in order to determine the prime cause of the death of the 23-year-old.

The autopsy investigation will be led by the head of Pathologist, Johansen Odour. The family members will be alongside the postmortem, including the father ad mother.

They had already checked in the place (Redwood Apartments in Kasarani) where Jeff Mwathi died, did a few tests and collected samples that they are still working on.

They will later on return the body after running few tests on it.

Despite the process taking long than expected, the DCI and homicide detectives have promised to give the public results.

The residents in the area have requested the Government to hasten the process so that the family and the close people can have peace.

“Tunauliza serikali iweze kuchukua hatua hii..ili haki ipatikane.. na kusikuje kufe mtu mwingine kama huyu jamaa. Tuna uchungu mwingi sana kama marafiki hata familia tunaomba tuh serikali iingilie jati hasa DCI hata wabunge wote.”

Jeff fell from 12th floor of Dj Fatxo’s apartment that was initially suspected to be suicidal which was ruled out by the DCI after an intense investigation follow up.

Prayers are with the family of Geoffrey Mwathi and Friends, and we all hope that Justice will prevail.

We will keep you updated once the autopsy is done.

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