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Kenyan artist and self-proclaimed president of Single Mothers, Akothee, has urged the public and her followers to not allow people to disrespect them just because they’ve lost their earned respect.


Speaking through her social media page, she said that she adamantly came out, saying that there are quite a number of women admiring her way of life and looking up to her, which is why people should respect her brand and not play with it because it has changed the lives of many, according to her, and it is still transforming many. She goes on saying that her name made many leave the country, made them stop mentioning her, and made them live their own private lives.

“I have said what I have said. I have been saying it all the year round. Women admiring my life should accept that I give them energy and just respect the goat. Some women left Kenya in search of greener pastures. They should continue with their lives and stop dragging my name in their daily hustle. I don’t follow nor know them. I stopped questioning why they keep dragging my name since I realized I am the benchmark of what a successful single mother should look like and their icon. I have not blocked anybody from doing what they are good at doing. I built my brand with my own successful story; I don’t need anyone’s name for relevance. I AM AKOTHEE THE BRAND. Handle that name with care; it might force you to be answerable to the  law.”Part of Akothee’s statement read

Akothee goes on priding herself as an outstanding figure who not only schooled herself but also educated all her children, who have all graduated with degrees from different departments. She also controls most business in the country, not mentioning her being the brand ambassador of a couple of companies in the country.

“Again, I have my rights and know my values. With what I am holding now, forget finding me in the mud, a whole graduate like me holding a degree in business management, holding businesses across the country. Superstar, a whole icon, president of single mothers, cooperating globally, having disciplined children with degrees, a whole director of AKOTHEE ACADEMY, president of AKOTHEE FOUNDATION CEO, the number one marketing guru, Esther The author
The chief officer of failed relationships  is thhe master planner of what life looks like in reality.”

The Award-Winning Global Superstar adds that she is one of a kind, and even if her relationships don’t last, something she takes pride in saying, she says she is not one to be involved in the online squabbles with the Akothee Wannabees. This comes days after TikToker President Nyako called Akothee out, disrespecting her by pointing out most of her failed marriages and relationships and saying that she doesn’t deserve to be online.

She concludes by urging the haters to respect his brand and source for something constructive to do.

“Tomatoya Nellyoaks You won’t find me in dirty, messy online exchanges with wannabees. People should just get up and find jobs to do. collect their scattered lives, accept them, and move on. We all have different strengths, different origins, and different destinations; we share nothing in common. Respect BRAND AKOTHEE ❗there was none before me, and there will be none after me. There is only one AKOTHEE. Kila mtu apambane na ya kwake.” Akothee added.

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How To Budget Your Money During This Festive Season to Avoid Being Grounded Come January



The best way to ensure that you won’t overspend during the holiday season is by saving for it. Use a monthly debit order to put away an amount to use for end-of-year expenses.

You can also follow the below tips on how you can plan your expenditures with ease:

1. Plan Your Budget

Kenyan Currency

First things first, when you get money, always ensure that you have already planned how you will be using it to avoid overspending.

Determine how much you can afford to spend on Christmas, and try not to rack up lots of debt for just one day of the year. This will help you stay on the right track and be able to save some for yourself and for any other emergencies that might come up.

2. Scale down your present list.
You actually don’t need to buy for every single member of your family and all your friends. Work with what you can afford and manage at times; it calls for prioritizing and well-developed strategies as far as you can be in a position to fund and surprise them all. Also, remember about tomorrow; don’t live with the notion that tomorrow will take care of itself. Always plan and select a few when times get hard, so you should also be careful and strategize wisely.

3. Pick the Cheapest Deals
If Black November has passed, then don’t worry. Check out some of the great deals that Black Friday is offering. You can get a good treat and well-discounted prices on high-end deals. That way, you will have saved. For instance, buying something that used to go for 30,000 half the price is a well-calculated move. This is a win-win situation. Before buying something, make sure you’ve researched and seen other alternatives because they are always there.

4. Make Your Own Presents
You can make your own presents at a low cost. There are many videos available to show you how on YouTube, and Pinterest is also a great place to find ideas on how to get creative.

This basically entails being creative and doing some things for yourself, especially when you have all that is used in preparing it, like high-class meals and other things that cost a fortune. Remember,  the goal is to try to save every cent you can spare.

5. How About You Buy Those Presents After Christmas?

If there are some people you know you will see after Christmas, then why would you stress buying things during this festive season where everything is going at a fee? Taking people out to vacations and all that. Buying them or even booking hotels after Christmas is good because they will be selling them out at a throwaway price and giving you discount offers. So basically, these things are all about being smart and strategizing earlier.

If you follow the above steps, you can for sure treat yourself in January and won’t be inconvenienced and dive into earlier debts at the start of the year.

All the best in your Budgeting and enjoy your festive season.

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Are You Mental?? ~ Millie Odhiambo Lectures Kimani Ichungwa For Proposing a Heavy Taxation of 500,000 Ksh Bill to all Traffic Offenders.



Kenyan Member of Parliament Millie Odhiambo calls out fellow MP Kimani Ichungwa for imposing a tax of 500,000 ksh on all traffic offenders.

Millie Odhiambo

Speaking through a viral video that was shared online, she posed a rhetorical question, saying that it’s absurd that Kenyans will now be required to pay a minimum of 500,000 ksh for removing a small piece of paper off a car’s windshield.

“Are you living in Eutopia? Are you living in Mars? Are you crazy? Are you mad? Are you mental? Do you need a mental checkup?” Millie Odhiambo asked.

She went on to say that Kimani Ichungwa is being inconsiderate of Kenyans by telling them to pay the whole amount considering the high cost of living they are in at the moment.

Kimani Ichungwa, on the other hand, rose to his seat, defending his bill, saying that it were only fair that Millie would have channeled her grievances or opposing motion rightfully and respectfully without using insults and bitter personal terms.

Millie Odhiambo was opposing Kimani Ichungwa’s motion, saying that it looks to increase the usual charges that are supposed to be charged, as she read from the Kenyan Constitution.

“I have a problem with the proposed amendment to the Traffic Act. Section 1179 provides that any unauthorized person who removes a notice, pick on a vehicle, or tears it is guilty and liable upon conviction to a fine not exceeding 200 ksh.

I would want, with your permission, Mr. Speaker, to say it in Kiswahilli Shillingi Mia Mbili.” Millie Odhimbo clarified.

She said that the newly amended proposal by Kimani seeks to move the fine from 200 ksh to 200,000 ksh and a fine of 500 ksh to 500,000 ksh, saying that the tax policy should be anchored on what was promised, and as it looks, that is a complete contradiction.

Kimani, on the other hand, insisted that the fines apply to people who have a tendency to break the law time and time again. The bill is yet to be decided.

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Mpaka ile Siku Hii Serikali Itaacha Kutufinya ~ Khaligraph Jones On Why International artists like Kendrick Lamar Can Never Come in Kenya



Kenyan rapper and brand ambassador Khaligraph Jones has revealed the reason why international artists won’t perform in Kenya anytime soon.

Speaking in an interview with SPM BUZZ, he opened up by saying that until that day when the Kenyan government decides to support the music industry and its artists at large, there will be no one who will becoming in Kenya, and specifically the international artists, because for them to perform locally, there has to be support from the government.

“Msee kama Kendrick Lamar hapa anahitaji support ya government; those guys are a big deal. Na kama serikali inajitenga hivo, we might have a very big problem.

Mpaka serikali yetu iwache kutufinya mavitu. Hatutoboi.” Khaligraph shared

It is a challenge that artists and creatives are facing because they cannot reach greater heights because they are not being sponsored and supported by the government. Adding that the government only recognizes them when there’s a need and ignores them when they are done because it feels like they are worthless, they are usually used to help push campaigns, and after that, the contract is done.

“Lakini hapa Kenya wakati wa elections ikiisha serikali inajitenga mbali sana na wasanii,” Khaligraph said.

According to Khaligraph Jones, only until the Kenyan government decides to back up the local artists and support their craft by promoting and sponsoring them will it be hard for them to compete with the international artists, let alone host them in the country, because of how expensive the artists are.

He concluded by acknowledging all the bloggers and the press, channeling positivity to the public, and encouraging them to keep grinding.

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