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Sanaipei Tande’s fashion fail at Raha Fest pointed out by fans



40 year Sanaipei Tande was among the artists lined up for the Raha Fest this past weekend.

Having been listed among the new age artists, Sanaipei Tande also decided to dress like a youngin hoping to fit in with both the artists and fans she was set to perform for.

As seen on many videos circulating online, Ms Sanaipei Tande settled for a skimpy outfit for her performance – but unlike her stylist who may have been impressed by the look, the crowd and netizens online weren’t as pleased as much.

Most fans in the comment section not only called her out for the inappropriate attire but encouraged her to embrace decency now that she is past the age of dressing like a teenager.

What outfits are these surely, sanaipei failed on this one…. wrote Vance Kims, a fan in the comment section.

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Others were keen to point out her age as the problem and not her outfit.

Dress code iko sawa shida ni miaka imekataaa. Wrote another fan.

Sanaipei Tande young at heart

Judging from the comments, it is only fair to say that Sanaipei Tande not only left fans disappointed with her choice of attire but her vocals too.

Live Music si ya kila mutu,it needs lots of practice,Kenya wasaniii inataka wasukume zaidi,
Uganda no artist does playback performance show hata wale chipukizi they go liveeeee na inasakatwa vile inafaaa.
Another fan identified as Kenny wrote.

Her performance with Otile Brown came a few minutes before fans decided to boo him off the stage.