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Sanaipei Tande shares three reasons why she is so selective when it comes to picking artists to collaborate with



Kenyan female artist Sanaipei Tande has opened up about why she is always so selective when it comes to choosing an artist to collaborate with.

Sanaipei Tande (Image Courtesy/Facebook)

Speaking in a brief interview at Raha Festival with our very own journalist Silvakido, she said that she is always that selective because she always delivers and doesn’t want to try something that she knows will flop. She highlighted the qualities an artist should posses in order to be accepted to collaborate with her which are:

They should be one who is capable of singing lively without relying on instrumentals and beats, one who sings tracks that have a message to the public and lastly one who is not involved in scandals and is respected by the public.

Mimi huhakikisha kwanza kabisa uwe na content muhimu, talanta yako mpaka iwe na pia lazima uwe unaheshimu watu wa na umati inakuheshimu.

Hii mambo ya kusafisha sauti pale kwenye studio auto tune….hapana sauti yako mpaka iwe, isiwe huwezi kuimba live kwa sababu hakuna band
.”Sanaipai explained.

Sanaipei added that in most collaborations, she is normally invited by artists and not the other way around, as many think. She is more interested in the message than the numbers that an artist has. She believes that in order for the collaboration to work, you need to meet the above-listed desires, and the message should be on point.

Sanaipei Tande (Image Courtesy/Facebook)

The ‘Amina‘ hit maker also insisted that, in as much as there should be entertaining aspects to the track, there also needs to be an informative message that the public can pick something from. “Umuhimu kwangu ni content, ile kitu ambacho nakizungumzia lazima kiwe kinamake sense kwa maisha ya mtu si hepi tuh kila mara.” Sanaipei remarked.

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