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Mzazi Willy M Tuva responds to allegations of conning upcoming artists



Renowned radio presenter Mzazi Willy M. Tuva has come clean on allegations that he has been conning upcoming artists while linking them to established artists.

Through a recent interview with SPM’s presenter Silva Kido, the radio presenter came in his defence to share what led to the accusations while describing a particular incident with an upcoming artist.

”Kuna msanii sijapata kupatana na yeye face to face… Alini approach akaniomba nimuunganishe na Darassa. Nilichofanya kama Mzazi niliongea na Darassa nikamwambia kuna msanii anataka kufanya kazi na wewe.”

He further encouraged upcoming artists not to use unscrupulous means to push their agenda/music.

”Siku zote mziki wako unapofanya mzuri, utafanikiwa. Usijaribu kutumia mbinu za kuchafua mtu jina ndio jina lako lipande ama upate kufahamika”

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Mzazi’s Career

Mzazi Willy M-Tuva has been a longstanding presenter on Radio Citizen, where he consistently promotes music through his shows. He extends this promotion to mainstream Citizen TV as well. However, he was once again accused of taking bribes from artists seeking airplay for their music.

Prominent in Kenya’s entertainment scene, Willy M-Tuva has long been honored for his services in music marketing. Over the course of his multi-year career, M-Tuva has made a name for himself as a well-liked radio host on Radio Citizen, where he presents programs that highlight music from Kenya and East Africa.

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