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“Working hard will not make you rich” Pastor Man Kush shares secret to success



Controversial pastor Man Kush has shared what he believes is the secret to success. Unlike most people, Pastor Kush believes hard work isn’t really a secret to succeeding.

Through Obinna Tv, Kush shared insight on how God has helped him rich where he is.

”Hakuna kitu kizuri dunia hii kama God’s favour. Don’t think that working hard will make you rich. You can work hard, but without favour of God, you’ll end up growing old and dying.”

He further added another secret which he believes is very essential in piling success.

Another reason is character. Hii ndio imenifikisha hapa.

Pastor Kush’s advice

Further, Kush has on several occasions given netizens reason to question his sanity and path as a pastor. But the comedian pastor gave his sentiments on what he thinks about people criticizing him.

Mimi sio mtu wa kuekwa class ya watu wengine ndio mtu ajue mimi ni nani. I don’t depend on anybody’s opinion to become who I am.

Kush, who doubles up as Churchill Show comedian, found his niche in the entertainment industry despite being a renowned pastor. While most people find his career peculiar, he goes on with his comical endeavours.

Watch pastor Kush’s full interview below;

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