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Monicah Kimani’s dad shares reason why he will soon be visiting Jowie Irungu in prison




After being sentenced to life in prison, Jowie Irungu has now become a fading case despite him making headlines during Monicah Kimani’s murder case.

Jowie’s close family watched emotionally as he was given the judgement in court by Grace Nzioka.

Nzioka highlighted that in addition to life imprisonment and jail terms, the death penalty remains a legal recourse for serious offences.

While ruling out life imprisonment and a fixed jail sentence, Nzioka referenced a court precedent indicating that life imprisonment equates to 30 years, considering remission.

One of Monicah Kimani’s family, despite seeking justice very much, has decided to visit him in prison.

Monicah’s dad, monikered Bishop Paul Ngarama, has promised to visit Jowie after his return from the US.

Monicah Kimani’s dad (left)-photo/YouTube

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He shared the latter with Kenya diaspora media, where he also divulged his feelings on the murder of his daughter.

“When I go back to Kenya, I will visit Jowie in prison and have a conversation because he is like my son,” he began.

I want this to be part of the reconciliation process among the three families — that of Jowie, Jackie Maribe (who was acquitted in the murder), and my family.

I want to spearhead reconciliation and bring the three families together. We most preach forgiveness and let the matter rest,” he added.

He also spoke on matters forgiveness as he narrated the pain of losing a child; which inspired him to write a book on the same.

“Forgiveness was the hardest decision to make, but it is necessary for closure.”

“After going through the pain of losing a child, I asked God many questions. God told me to forgive the killer(s), and I even wrote a book about forgiveness titled ‘Endurance in Grief.

Jowie was in the murder case with his ex-lover Jackie Maribe; who was freed after being found not guilty.

The case ran for several months until Jowie Irungu’s fate was decided last month. He leaves behind his wife and a kid.