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Amira offers to spice up Jimal’s new marriage



Amira has proven coparenting between her and Jimal Rohosafi has been making positive progress.

Unlike before when she would air her family’s dirty linen on social media, Amira recently unveiled a different side of her relationship with Jimal fans never knew nothing about.

As Muslims continue to honor the holy month of Ramadan, Amira and Jimal decided to put their beef on the side, coming together for the sake of their kids.

This was revealed by Amira who hosted ex husband Jimal and friends at her home for Iftar.

Amira opens up on co-parenting with Jimal, explains how divorce affected her kid’s mental health

Coparenting works

Having shared a few photos and clips online, a section of fans used this as the perfect example as to why mambo ya watu wawili ni ngumu.

Just to prove how good their relationship has since been, Amira extended an invite to her ex husband’s new wife Wangari Thiong’o hoping they would catch up soon.

As seen on a post shared by Amira talking about coparenitng, the mother of two also happened address Jimal asking him to allow her to teach the new young wife on a few cooking tips she may need.

BTW once you heal coparenting can be so healthy also, once you have kids yall know that person will always be part of your life, and my kids are happy and it’s actually peaceful this way. Amira wrote.

Having been married to Jimal for years, it’s no secret Amira understands his favorite meals and how they are prepared which is why she went on to add;

That said Baba Shamir, please bring your wife nimfunze kupika mapocho pocho.

Amira extends invite to Wangari Thiong’o. Screenshot/Amira