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Amira opens up on co-parenting with Jimal, explains how divorce affected her kid’s mental health




A video shared on social media shows flamboyant business man Jimal Roho Safi hanging out with his ex-wife Amira in the living room.

The peculiar incident comes at a time when the two are known to have gone their seperate ways and already moved on.

Turns out, things aren’t as we anticipated. Amira put things in black and white through her Instagram stories. She claims people have been sliding in her DM to find out if they’re back together with Jimal.

While calling out toxic fans, Amira calibrated that she has already healed and this makes co-parenting easy for them.

”The same people in my DMs teaching how to co-parent are the same ones who would still troll me if today they heard that Amira is a bad baby mama or a bitter X,” part of her statement read.

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Effects of divorce

The two have been seperate for over one and a half years. They had already sired two sons together- who were all grown up enough to notice the abscence of their father. For this reason, Amira claims they were deeply affected by the divorce.

She opened up through her Instagram stories;

”Let me tell you how divorce affected my kids to a point I even had to take them for therapy. It has taken me a lot of work to be where I am mentally.

She continued to warn her fans not to teach her about co-parenting, adding that she’s now comfortable where she is.