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Otile Brown booed off stage at Raha Fest by hundreds of angry fans



Celebrated musician Otile Brown remains disappointed after he was visibly booed while performing on stage.

The latter happened while he was performing at the popular Raha Fest. The festival lined up Africa’s biggest music, art, and cultural extravaganza at Uhuru Gardens, bringing international and Kenyan stars on the same stage.

However, one of Kenya’s biggest artists Otile Brown wasn’t received well while he came on stage.

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Why Otile?

Well, the circus surrounding Otile Brown’s dislike among a section of fans was expedited after he performed at Brian Chira’s funeral.

To begin with, the performance that he put was taken as a clout chasing stunt by a number of fans. Some called him out stating that he should have performed ‘one call’ while Brian Chira was alive.

Secondly, Otile’s response on the same further fuelled anger among some fans after he refuted the accusations.

The musician further detailed that his song was still doing quite well despite people criticizing him over the same.

“It’s doing like 200k views a day, so whether I had showed up or not the song is still doing well. So I think it funny that people will think that. when you are making such a statement what do you want. Do you want me not to show up totally?”

Following what happened recently, Otile is now a topic in Tanzania. We’re well aware that Otile is also celebrated in TZ, but this time, after his low performance, he has been on the spotlight as Tanzanians criticize him over his vocals & incompetence.

One user commented on his performance;

Uyu ndo anajilinganisha na simbaa😮😂

Another one reacted;

Hit gani sasa hapo?

Even though Otile’s energy on stage was quite low, a good number of fans also commended his perfomance.