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‘I regret not meeting & helping Chira when he was alive’- Jalang’o



photo/ kiss Fm

Brian Chira’s death continues to rope in reactions from celebrities & netizens a week later.

The popular Tik-Tokers demise still remains a lesson to be learnt by netizens as more & more people give their sentiments on whether he should have received more help while he was still alive.
In relation to this, Langata MP Jalang’o has joined the numerous celebrities who have shared their view on Chira’s death.

To begin with, Jalang’o claims that there are self-explanatory lessons to be learnt from Chira’s death.

”Kama kifo ya Brian Chira haikukufunza kitu, hakuna kitu kingine kinaweza kukufundisha. Brian Chira’s death is a very big lesson. Watakupenda wengi sana kama hauko,” Jalang’o shared with SPM.

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Jalango’s Big Regret

The former actor further shared his regret on not meeting up with Chira before his death. He claims he saw a video of Chira asking for his help when he was alive, but he only saw it after Chira’s death.

Inaniuma sana kuwa, baada ya Kifo ya Chira, niliona video akisema Jalang’o I need your help. Baada ya kifo yake ndio watu walini tag wengi. How I wish ningekuwa nimeiona. Ningekaa na yeye nimuulize unataka nini? Inaniuma sana kuwa niliona hio video baadaye,” Jalang’o continued.

In the same interview, Jalas also commented on Tik-Tokers being rowdy during Brian Chira’s funeral ceremony, claiming they’re just young & wild and they were just celebrating him.

Chira was among the fastest growing Tik-Tokers in Kenya; and his untimely demise came as a shock to most netizens. May he rest in eternal peace.