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Azziad responds to critics saying her posh lifestyle is sponsored by men



Azziad Nasenya

Kenyan actress and radio presenter Azziad Nasenya has reacted to critics associating her success with men.

Azziad Nasenya (Image Courtesy)

Azziad, who was seen in a video shared online, In the video, the young entrepreneur addressed all those who were jealous of women.

Why is it that when a young girl is successful, people have to associate it with men? Why is it like that?

People are so threatened and jealous of young girls who are making it. I’m traveling, and people are like, Who is sponsoring the bills? Oooh, Nyash Bae! Are you kidding me? Azziad shared.

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She went on to explain how she is able to afford the expensive lifestyle that many have seen through her social media, saying she has more than two jobs that sustain her, and she doesn’t depend on any man to provide for her or meet her basic needs.

“I work… I’m a radio presenter, actress, content creator, and entrepreneur. I have my own company.” Azziad clarified.

Azziad went further on championing for the Gen Z’s, saying that if there are people who will do anything in their power to see that they get what they want without giving up, they are the Gen Z’s, and people should stop associating their hard-earned success with selling their bodies for the same.

Gen Z’s are go-getters. We work hard. We see an opportunity, we grab it, and why can’t everybody do it? Alafu haka ka sentence ka Nyash pays her bills……..” She shared.

She concluded by urging the public to learn to appreciate and acknowledge other people’s successes and stop hating on each other; rather, concentrate on also leveling on their end if they can’t work together.

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