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Amina Abdi low key takes a swipe at Kalasha Awards, hints at possible favoritism



Amina Abdi recently weighed in on Kalasha Awards and according to her, the awards were not fairly distributed among the many talented actors and film makers in the kenyan entertainment industry.

As seen on a TiTok video, Amina Abdi hinted at possible favoritism as she claimed to have noticed that most awards are often given to a media house sponsoring the event.

Full list of Kalasha Awards 2024 Winners

According to Amina, winners will only come from shows aired by the media house – which is why she finds it unfair to the rest of the actors and film makers whose projects run in other media houses.

I don’t know why this is not talked about enough, or maybe it is me overthinking cause I am an overthinker. Amina stated in her video.

But has anyone else noticed that in kenyan awards, if a media house is sponsoring that award show, they will sweep the night. They will win every single award in every category they have been nominated. Ama ni mimi huona tu hivyo? Amina went on.

Her TikTok video emerged a few hours after Sarah Hassan who plays the role of Zari on popular TV show walked away with Best Lead Actress award. While Best Lead Actor was given to the late Charles Ouda for his role in Salem.

Brenda Wairimu walked away with Best Supporting Actress in Zari not forgetting Inooro TV were announced as Kituo Halisi Winner.

Although Amina Abdi did not name any names, it is obvious she may have noted that most awards went to specific popular faces in the industry – instead of new acts bringing new ideas in the film industry.