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Amina Abdi comes to Otile Brown’s rescue days after he was booed on stage



Kenyan media personality Amina Abdi has come to the rescue of Kenyan artist Otile Brown, who has been having a long one since the first time he went to perform at Brian Chira’s funeral.

Amina Abdi (Image courtesy Instagram)

Amina Abdi urged the public to be considerate of what they are saying about Otile Brown because he is a gem who has achieved a lot and done the most in the entertainment industry.

Otile Brown is one of the most streamed artists in the 254; the most viewed video that we have on YouTube from the 254 is ‘Dusuma’ that has over 40 million views.

Please, but some respect in this man’s name
.” Amina shared.

Amina decided to back Otile after hearing that an individual had said he went to Brian Chira’s funeral to market his brand, or rather to chase clout, dismissing such allegations by saying that Otile did what he thought was right and that any artist in their right mind who loved their fans would do the same.

It was a kind gesture for him to take time out and celebrate this young man’s life together with his fans, family, and friends,” Amina defended Otile Brown.

Apparently the late TikToker and content creator Brian Chira used to love Otile Brown’s track ‘One Call Away’ and he thought it would rightfully be okay if he performed it live at his funeral, but this turned out to be something else because many perceived and viewed it differently.

Otile is currently going through a tough time because, after the late Chira’s trolls, he still faced some while performing at Raha Fest in Uhuru Gardens, where many booed him as a boring performer.

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