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You Have No Right To Rule Her Out ~ Truth Watch Dog Defends Mungai Eve Calling Out Director Trevor



Truth Watchdog has shed some light on Mungai Eve and Director Trevor’s fallout, which has been trending for days now, saying that Trevor has no right whatsoever to cancel Eve from the YouTube channel.

Speaking in an interview session with our very own journalist Shiku, he said that Director Trevor shouldn’t rule Eve out because they both worked hard to build the channel that has numbers now, and if at all they need to split, then they should share what they have equally without partiality.

Mungai Eve &Director Trevor (Image Courtesy)

“Hata kama Trevor ndio alikaa kwa computer akafungulia Eve channel…content ni ya Mungai Eve, If there’s no written contract, no one can claim that this is my work; it is an equal work… You have no right to say my services are no longer needed, which is wrong for Eve.” Truth Watchdog shared.

They traded back a while to an incident where Trevor had said before that he would give everything to Mungai Eve should it happen, which is what it looks like as the moment urging him to do so and keep his word.

He goes on saying that the best thing the duo can do is work out their differences as the channel they have built is big and the brand itself, and the least they should do is separate and let it get into their work, advising them to remember their past lives and moments so that they can see meaning in what they have and what they have worked hard for, sharing a sentimental statement saying that ‘You will never know the meaning of living until you make peace with death because it is inevitable.”

He did also urge them to drop their egos and concentrate on the work that made them the people they are right now, reminding them that, as much as their differences might be big, they shouldn’t allow them to mix with their work that has been putting food on their table.

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