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Woman Blocks The Late Kiptum’s Body From Being Buried Claiming She Has Her Child



The high court in Eldoret has declined to stop the burial of World Marathon record holder Kelvin Kiptum following an application by a 22-year-old woman who claims to have sired a child with the runner.

Justice Wananda declined to stop the burial following the application by Edna Owuor through her lawyer, Joseph Oyaro.

She claims that they have a one-year-old and a seven-month-old child whose rights may be violated if the burial is not stopped.

Owuor appeared at the court with the child seeking to stop the burial set for tomorrow, arguing that they had not involved her in burial arrangements.

She also wanted DNA samples taken from the body to confirm paternity.

Wananda said the burial arrangements had gone on for some time with heavy costs involved, and it would be unfair to stop the interment.

Since this is a developing story the court has however dismissed such claims and given a green light for the body to be taken from the funeral home and it is heading to his home in Iten for burial.

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