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Why Many on Twitter (X) are using ‘RIP Kenyatta’ Hashtag Criticizing Former President Uhuru (Details)



Kenyans on Twitter are using the ‘Rip Kenyatta’ hashtag for different reasons, but ultimately, the main reason behind all this is because former President Uhuru Kenyatta said some sensitive message about the Kenya Kwanza Government.

Uhuru Kenyatta (Image Courtesy)

Apparently President Uhuru Kenyatta attended a funeral this weekend after months of inactivity, mentioned no names, just told a story about a bus and a side mirror, and all of a sudden the ‘RIP KENYATTA’ hashtag is now trending on Twitter.

Many are calling him out for having failed to steer the country the right way when he was in power alongside President William Ruto and instead stands in a gathering, calling out the Kenya Kwanza Government as incompetent and full of wonders.

“Siku hizi sinanga mambo mingi nangalia dunia tuh saa ingine naangalia nasika kichwa ghai jehova saa ingine unaskia kulia saa ingine unaskia kucheka lakini Kenya n nyumbani tunaendelea tuh.” Former President Uhuru Kenyatta shared.

President William Ruto (Image Courtesy)

President William Ruto clapped back at Uhuru Kenyatta’s statement, saying that he should feel sorry for himself for having failed to deliver during his time, and to his surprise, he realized that a project he thought would never work just worked, amongst many other things that the Kenya Kwanza Government has done.

“Yesterday, my friend said that when he sees things, he feels like crying. This is actually true because they are now wondering how housing is possible, and we wasted time on reggae.” Ruto clapped back at Uhuru.

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