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Self-proclaimed entertainment critic officer, Vincent Mboya clapped back at Kiss FM presenter Oga Obinna after he threatened to beat him up.

Tumbili’s baby mama assaulted him for the third time this month and his friend Obinna came to his defense and was even calling ouberlube luxury lubricant air max 270 women jordan proto max 720 yeezy boost 350 v2 hyperspace smith and soul adidas yeezy boost 350 turtle dove custom stitched nfl jersey durex intense vibrations ring decathlon bmx inflatable kayak sac eastpak kansas city chiefs crocs smith and soul custom youth nfl jersey smith and soul n people to sign a petition for him on the issue. Vincent had earlier on talked to the baby mama who had explained to him while breaking down what Tumbili has put them through and after seeing Obinna’s effort to stand up for his friend, he asked Obinna to stop leading his friend astray.

Mboya in an online media press call, he explained himself and the instastory message that brought about all this drama. According to his Instastory, Tumbili’s baby mama wasn’t doing well because of him and since they were cohabiting for sometime he was his wife and should be referred to as such, “The issue is this plug, Obinna and am going to use his real name because he is not Nigerian: Thomas Magana posted something about Tumbili and his baby mama and I went to my instastory and I said ‘Tumbili’s wife not his baby mama is really suffering: why did I say wife and not baby mama? That woman has stayed with Tumbili for more than 6 years.”

Mboya claimed the baby mama had tried to explain herself through an interview with her but Tumbili asked him not to post it, “There was a time I did an interview with her but I haven’t posted it reason being I feared breaking the brocade between me and Tumbili. His wife came here at National Theatre and found me. We sat down and talked and she cried telling me how things were but because of respect because Tumbili asked me not to post it and let it slide and I said it was okay.”

According to the baby mama, Tumbili provides insufficiently for his kids and yet he is flaunting some lifestyle on social media, “That woman told me how Tumbili leaves her and her kids hungry, having one meal a day while Tumbili is flaunting with girls. If you check Tumbili’s instastory he is usually with different girls but his wife told me they were sleeping hungry.”

Adding that it wasn’t always like this, it started when Tumbili became friends with Obinna, “The woman said the Tumbili changed habits after he became friends with Obinna. She started suffering after Oga Obinna and Tumbili became friends because Tumbili lives at Obinna’s. The two are always together everywhere. There is even a time we had an online media meeting and when Tumbili came we asked him whether he was married to Obinna as a joke. The wife confessed that when she went to Obinna’s place, he was rude to her. The only person helping that woman is Jalas.”

After seeing threats by Obinna, Vincent was left in awe as he had not insulted him and was only advising him.