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Useful Idioty Shares His Relationship Status With Crazy Kennar



Kenyan content creator Useful Idioty has shared his relationship status with Crazy Kennar.

Useful Idioty

Speaking through an interview with our own journalist, Betty, he dismissed the question and just suggested that the public follow him for more information.

“Guys.. Stay Tuned at SPM Buzz!” This is what Useful Idioty said.

The duo, or rather, team, broke up back then, and it was decided that each of them wanted to go and work on their own individual brands.

Asked what he knows about the newly introduced Talanta Hela Initiative, he responded, saying that he really doesn’t know what it is all about, despite having knowledge of its existence. He also said that he hopes it brings money into content creators’ pockets.

Adding that by doing so, it would have helped quite a number of other content creators who are unaware as he is of how they can make money since it is an initiative meant to help them.

He asked the government to explain to them how the initiative will be able to help the content creators make money so that they can dive into it and support it.

“Watuambie hiyo talanta Hela itasidia nini of great value……Juu kuna watu wantaka kujua kumake dooh na their content”

He disclosed his sources of wealth: MCing, acting, endorsements, and YouTube are where he gets his money from.

Useful Idioty’s interview

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