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1. Install Windows Updates as Soon as Possible:
Windows Updates are essential Components that provide mechanisms to download and install software programs that will protect your machine from harm as well as improve performance, so regularly check on the Windows update to be up-to-date.

2. Run an Antivirus Scan:
Having another software or rather program installed in your pc other than the one that comes with the Computer will help you a great deal, i e the Avast Anti-Virus, It not only protects your PC but also blocks ads If you’re one of those people who hate watching ads this app will be your best deal. And If you have a persistent trouble with viruses, you may want to try this software and let it scan your machine for better Performance.

3. Go to Your Windows Settings and switch to “Best Performance”
Select the windows Icon – Select About – Advanced System Settings – Select Performance and apply, after which you will agree by clicking Ok. By doing this you will have instructed it to Will ensure your Control panel Unit thus the CPU lower the speed clock when it’s not a requirement, this will help your machine from even over heating.

4. Activate Game Mode
You activate it by clicking Windows key + G. Go to settings – Gaming and select Game mode, this is normally switched when one want to play games but can be switched if you want your PC To be a little fast and stop taking a lot of time giving feedback thus increasing the processing Speed.

5. Turn off Visual EFFECTS:
This is are responsible in making your PC interface look attractive and more appealing to the eye,
Scroll to System – Advanced system settings – Performance – Best performance.
Putting this setting will shut down all the visual effects that were running.

6. Uninstall Certain Programs and Apps:
Programs that you don’t use and apps that open and keep running in the background make your computer lag and take long to execute a command you just gave it, Click the Windows key button on your PC and head to settings – click apps – programs and features – click a program you want to uninstall. This gives you a list of all the programs and apps that are installed in your computer and make it easier for you to remove some.

7. Remove your Temp files:
These are files that are temporary created by software programs probably when it was running, and it generated it for the purposes of storing information for a little, and then it is deleted when the program is closed, but in some pcs it’s better to confirm if indeed the files have been cleared so that you speed your pc. open the File Explorer and set it to display hidden files select Windows key + R Then type %temp% click OK then Ctrl + A command to highlight all the files and then delete key.

8. Clear Windows Components that don’t matter:
Do a quick overlap to see the files you want removed and the ones you prefer using, always do a check-up first,
Select Windows Key Icon
Click Apps
Select Programs and features on the top right
Click on turning windows feature on or off on the top left
Uncheck all windows you prefer to clear first before proceeding.

9. Clear your Internet Browsing History:
This helps in speeding up your pc as well as help from removing you in harms way as you will be a target by hackers as they will trace your History which then will act as a clear navigation to your personal and financial information, on the top of the Browser click the three dots that indicate settings – select more tools and then clear browsing data.

10. Consider adding More RAM:
This is a Random Access Memory. This is what keeps information and data for your pc a times it might fill up and not only will it be able to add more but also not respond as it may take long in processing information having more room free space is more preferable and safe. Try getting a new one, probably 8Gb if you are working with 4Gb



A British Pilot Has Been Fired For Snorting Cocaine Off a Woman’s Breasts



British Airways Pilot Michael Beaton has been dismissed off duty after admitting having snorted cocaine off a woman’s breasts before the flight set.

Pilot Michael Beaton

According to reports, Michael had gone out to an alcohol and drug-fueled night out in Johannesburg prior to flying a plane to the UK when he encountered two men and a female tourist that he described to his fellow mate as a ‘Young Spanish Bird’ that ended up making him be involved in the alleged drug scandal and the young, pretty woman, of course.

The First Officer is claimed to have told a stewardess he was friendly with about what had happened, who in return sold him out, after which the alarm was raised and the trip had to be cancelled at a cost to the airline of around £100,000.

He was sacked the next day after tests were done on him and truly revealed he had been abusing the above-mentioned drug.

This is what the above-charged suspended pilot said:

“We all walk (staggering) back up to the hotel bar for ‘one last one before bed’. Welsh and one of these guys are getting along very well, but she’s told him that I’m her boyfriend. A couple of drinks in the bar, a bit of snogging, and then we’re somehow all on our way to this dude’s flat. Welsh has decided that I should actually be her boyfriend; Spanish has hooked up with one of the two local lads and is having her t**s sucked on their sofa.”

He tells of how he decided to strip off as the women were dancing topless, and then they started taking cocaine. He reportedly said, “I’ve lost my shirt somewhere, and one of the local lads produces a plate with a few lines of coke. So then there’s a debate about whose chest is the best to bump off.” Adding: “That’s the story of how I ended up snorting coke off a girl’s t**s in Johannesburg,” Michael’s statement read.

British Airways, on the other hand, emphasized that no risk was posed to passengers and that the above-mentioned pilot no longer works for the airline as there’s nothing to worry about, adding that safety is their top priority, hence the reason they did what they had to.

“Safety is always our top priority. The matter was referred to the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority), and this individual no longer works for us.”

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Tory Lanez Makes An Announcement From Prison Concerning His Career



American rapper Tory Lanez, who is currently behind bars, has made a statement from prison concerning his career, hinting that he will be dropping a new track soon.

He shared the information from prison on a voice message, promising to release a new track soon and assuring his fans that his drive and self-spirit are growing daily, and he hopes to see the fans soon enough, thanking them for sticking with him since day one.

“Yooh What’s good about talking to you from prison right now, men? I am just happy to get out there… My head has always been held high, men. I want y’all to know that I’m in great spirits.

My drive and my ambition are growing stronger and stronger every day, and I’m so proud of how y’all have been moving in my support. I know this feels like a scary time; don’t be afraid, mee. In fact, I’m more prepared than ever. The music, the videos, and all the projects that y’all wanted are all already to drop. So let’s start with the one that we want  most. Tory Lanez said

Tory Lanez was sentenced to 10 years in prison by a judge in Los Angeles after he was found guilty of shooting the American female rapper Megan Thee Stallion on her feet multiple times.

The tragedy that took place back in the year 2020 made the internet blaze with heated arguments, with people saying that it happened because some white people still hate blacks.

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Having Trouble Sleeping? Here is a Remedy



Many usually struggle with finding sleep, and here’s what you should consider trying so that you can sleep at night.

1. Transform Your Bedroom into a Peaceful Haven
Your bedroom should be the calmest room in the house. If you live in a city or other noisy environment and loud sounds wake you up several times a night, try using ear plugs or muffins.

2. Get a new mattress.
Most of you don’t know that the problem is actually what you are sleeping on; you bought your mattress centuries ago, and you can’t even remember the date.

Mattresses are known to last 8 to 10 years beyond that period of time; it can even be less than that, depending on the number of people sleeping on them. After that period, mattresses become less comfortable and risk interfering with your sleep.

You may start experiencing difficulty falling asleep because of that.

3. Change your pillow.
A number of people invest hundreds of dollars in their mattresses and forget to acquire a pillow that’s responsible for supporting your neck and spinal column.

It’s important that it’s replaced yearly.

4. Make sure the sun doesn’t wake you up.
This one will touch many. Ensure that wherever your bed is, the sun doesn’t wake you up because this might limit your sleeping time. Ensure that the windows are fully covered when it comes to ensuring that they don’t heat up your bed much. Ensure your bedroom is always cool at room temperature and not too cold or hot.

5. Come up with a daily routine.
Make it a tendency that before going to bed you always take a shower or even better brush your teeth, and then going to bed your mind will always adjust and adapt to it and know that after a shower it’s bedtime.

A routine at bedtime will help you fall asleep faster and can be the perfect solution for insomniacs.

6. Don’t go to bed too early.
You see that saying that tomorrow I have a bus, flight, or train to catch. Let me sleep early so that I can wake up early. As far as it is an ideal option, it wouldn’t work; it really depends on people.

Going to bed when you’re not tired is likely to have the opposite effect and end up interfering with your sleep. Go to bed when you’re actually tired, or it is time.

7. Hide Your Alarm Clock
An alarm clock is useful, yes! However, if you are suffering from insomnia, it is good that you hide your alarm clock.

Many insomniacs tend to stare at their alarm clocks when they have difficulty falling asleep, which causes stress and feeds their insomnia instead of helping them doze off. The same applies to those scrolling their phones even in bed; leave it be and place it in a drawer.

8. Try some lavender.
Lavender essential oil is an effective weapon against sleep problems, especially insomnia. It lowers blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature, and it can help you fall asleep more quickly.

You can also consult professionals to guide you on what you should consider using

9. Refrain to Taking Caffeine Before Going To Bed
This goes to all those of us who love taking coffee before going to bed. Apparently, you shouldn’t take any caffeine 6 hours before going to bed.

10. Reduce Your Stress Level
If you have anything troubling your mind, then deal with it before going to bed because you 100% won’t be able to sleep. If you can’t be able to deal with it then consider distracting yourself with watching or listening to music, either of the two should be able to work.

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