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Kenya is a beautiful country, famously known for safaris.
Topographically, Kenya is stunning. Surrounded by calderas and mountain ranges, the Great Rift Valley divides the country. To the east of this sweeping valley, you can climb the snow-cloaked equatorial peaks of Mount Kenya and fish for trout in crystal-clear streams. Hell’s Gate National Park harbours obsidian caves and hisses with natural geysers and hot springs.
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We have come up with a list of the top tourist destinations in Kenya that will be worth spending on

1.Amboseli National Reserve

Crowned by Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak, Amboseli National Reserve is one of Kenya’s most popular tourist parks. The name “Amboseli” comes from a Maasai word meaning “salty dust,” a clear description of the park’s parched conditions.

The reserve is one of the best places in Africa to view large herds of elephants up close. Other wildlife commonly spotted in the park includes big cats, such as lion and cheetah, as well as giraffe, impala, eland, waterbuck, gazelle, and more than 600 species of birds.

Nature lovers can explore five different habitats here, ranging from the dried-up bed of Lake Amboseli, to wetlands with sulfur springs, savannah, and woodlands. Look for the local Maasai people who live in the area around the park.

2.Maasai mara National Reserve

Masai Mara is one of Africa’s most magnificent game reserves. Bordering Tanzania, the Mara is the northern extension of the Serengeti and forms a wildlife corridor between the two countries.

It’s named after the statuesque, red-cloaked Maasai people who live in the park and graze their animals here, as they have done for centuries. In their language, Mara means “mottled,” perhaps a reference to the play of light and shadow from the acacia trees and cloud-studded skies on the vast grasslands.

The park is famous for the Great Migration, when thousands of wildebeest, zebra, and Thomson’s gazelle travel to and from the Serengeti, from July through October.

In the Mara River, throngs of hippos and crocodiles lurk. The park is also known for providing excellent predator sightings. It has relatively large populations of lion, cheetah, and leopard – especially in the dry months from December through February.

3.Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park, in Central Kenya, is famous for its huge flocks of pink flamingos. The birds throng on Lake Nakuru itself, one of the Rift Valley soda lakes that covers almost a third of the park’s area.

The park was established in 1961, and more than 450 species of birds have been recorded here, as well as a rich diversity of other wildlife. Lions, leopards, warthogs, waterbucks, pythons, and white rhinos are just some of the animals you might see, and the landscapes range from sweeping grasslands bordering the lake to rocky cliffs and woodland.

The park also protects the largest euphorbia candelabrum forest in Africa. These tall, branching succulents are endemic to the region and provide a bold textural element to the arid landscapes.

4.Tsavo National Park
Kenya’s largest park, Tsavo, is sliced in two: Tsavo West and Tsavo East. Together these parks comprise four per cent of the country’s total area and encompass rivers, waterfalls, savannah, volcanic hills, a massive lava-rock plateau, and an impressive diversity of wildlife.

Midway between Nairobi and Mombasa, Tsavo East is famous for photo-worthy sightings of large elephant herds rolling and bathing in red dust. The palm-fringed Galana River twists through the park, providing excellent game viewing and a lush counterpoint to the arid plains.

Other highlights here include the Yatta Plateau, the world’s longest lava flow; Mudanda Rock; and the Lugard Falls, which spill into rapids and crocodile-filled pools.

Tsavo West is wetter and topographically more varied, with some of the most beautiful scenery in the northern reaches of the park. Highlights here are Mzima Springs, a series of natural springs with large populations of hippos and crocodiles; Chaimu Crater, a great spot for seeing birds of prey; and Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary.

Wildlife is not as easy to see in Tsavo West because of the denser vegetation, but the beautiful scenery more than compensates.

5.Buffalo springs and Shaba Reserves

On the banks of the palm-lined Ewaso Nyiro River, Samburu, Buffalo Springs, and Shaba Reserves lie in an arid region in the remote north of Kenya.

Shaba National Reserve is one of two areas where George and Joy Adamson raised Elsa the lioness, made famous in the film Born Free.

The wildlife in all three reserves depends on the waters of the river to survive, and many species are specially adapted to the parched conditions. These include Grevy’s zebras; Somali ostriches; and gerenuks, the long-necked antelope that stand on two rear legs to reach the fresh shoots on upper tree limbs.

A top attraction in Samburu National Reserve is the Sarara Singing Wells, local watering holes where Samburu warriors sing traditional songs while hauling water for their cattle to drink. You might also be lucky to see some of the big cats and wild dogs.

6.Lamu Island

The small island of Lamu, northeast of Mombasa. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lamu Old Town is Kenya’s oldest continually inhabited settlement, with origins dating back to the 12th century.

Strolling the streets is one of the top things to do here. You can see the island’s rich trading history reflected in the buildings. Architectural features from the Arab world, Europe, and India are evident, yet with a discernible Swahili technique. Intricately carved wooden doors, coral stone buildings, hidden courtyards, verandas, and rooftop patios are common features.

Sightseeing here is like stepping back in time. Dhows plough the harbour, few if any motorized vehicles exist here, and donkeys still rule the streets as they have done for centuries. Most of Lamu’s population is Muslim, and both men and women dress in traditional attire.

Top attractions on the island include Lamu Museum, with displays on Swahili culture and the region’s nautical history; Lamu Fort; and the Donkey Sanctuary.

7.Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha lies at the highest point of the Great Rift Valley. More than 400 species of birds have been spotted here, including African fish eagles, jacanas, white-fronted bee-eaters, and several species of kingfishers.

One of the best ways to view the wildlife is by boat. Hippos slosh in the water, and giraffes, zebras, buffaloes, and eland graze around the edges of the lake. Keep a lookout for colobus monkeys in the canopies, too.

Near Lake Naivasha, the Crater Lake Game Sanctuary features a wildlife-rich nature trail.

Just south of Lake Naivasha, the relatively affordable Hell’s Gate National Park protects a wide variety of wildlife and offers excellent climbing opportunities, with two extinct volcanoes and the red cliffs of Hell’s Gate Gorge.

On the southern shore of Lake Naivasha, you can pop in for a cup of tea at the Elsamere Conservation Centre, the former home of the late Joy Adamson, author of Born Free, and her husband George.

Note that Lake Naivasha has been known to shrink considerably in times of extreme drought, and a flourishing floriculture industry in the area is also impacting water levels and quality. The lake is typically lush and full of life.


North of Mombasa on the Kenyan coast, Malindi has a split personality. This popular beach town is a part historic old town, part modern tourist hub. Thanks to its rich trading history, it is also a melting pot of cultures and cuisines.

Travelers, many from Europe, come here to the sun on the white sands of Watamu Beach and dive into the coral reefs of the Malindi and Watamu Marine National Parks. If you’re looking for free things to do in Kenya, you can do worse than bask on a beautiful Malindi Beach.

There is a lot to learn about the Swahili history in the historic town, which dates from the 12th century. Here, you can visit the Jami Mosque; two pillar tombs from the 14th century; and the Church of St. Francis Xavier, one of East Africa’s oldest churches.

On the promontory, the Vasco De Gama Cross is one of the oldest standing monuments in Africa.

Another popular tourist attraction is the Falconry of Kenya, a rehabilitation centre for sick and injured birds.

Also worth visiting, about 30 kilometers northeast of Malindi is the Marafa Depression. Also called Hell’s Kitchen or Nyari this set of sandstone gorges sculpted by the wind and rain is like a mini Grand Canyon.

9.Hells gate National Park

This is a hot spot for climbers, Hell’s Gate National Park is one of the few parks in Kenya that allows camping and enables you to explore on foot or bicycle.

Hell’s Gate offers excellent climbing and hiking opportunities, with two extinct volcanoes; the red cliffs of Hell’s Gate Gorge; ObsidianCaves; and the pointed column of rock known as Fischer’s Tower, a former volcanic plug.

Geothermal features include hot springs and natural geysers hissing steam through vents in the earth’s crust. The park also protects a wide variety of wildlife, including leopards, baboons, hartebeest, eland, ostriches, gazelles, and more than 100 species of birds. Eagle and vulture breeding grounds also lie within the park.

The Oloor Karia Maasai Cultural Centre within the park is also worth a visit, with Maasai singing, dancing, and jewelry-making demonstrations.

Interestingly, Olkaria Geothermal Station lies within Hell’s Gate National Park. It generates power from heated, pressurized water underground and is the first of its kind in Africa.

10.OL pajeta Conservancy

The conservacy about 200 kilometers north of Nairobi, near Mount Kenya National Park, Ol Pejeta Conservancy is a prime place for close-up wildlife encounters.

Conservation and sustainability are key at this 90,000-acre private game reserve, where you can view the Big Five (lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, and buffalo), as well as other animals such as cheetah, hyenas, zebra, and hartebeest – all set against the breathtaking backdrop of snowcapped Mount Kenya.

The conservancy is perhaps best known for its northern and southern white rhinos, including Baraka, a blind black rhino, who lucky visitors might have the chance to feed.

You can view the wildlife on self-drive or guided tours, and entry includes a visit to the chimpanzee sanctuary. Day visitors are welcome, and if you want to extend your wilderness adventure, you can stay overnight in accommodations that range from bush camps and safari cottages to a charming colonial ranch house.

11. Nairobi National Park

You don’t really have to go far from Nairobi to experience the beauty of Kenya’s wildlife and beautiful sceneries.

A mere 15-minute drive from the clamor of Kenya’s capital, you can gaze at a snoozing pride of lions or a graceful giraffe strutting through the golden grass at Nairobi National Park.

Visiting this wildlife-rich park is one of the top things to do if you’re staying in Nairobi, and it makes a rewarding day trip – especially if you can’t make it to one of the larger game reserves.

All the classic safari stars here, including buffalo, leopard, zebras, wildebeest, hippos, elephants, and cheetah, and you can also see some of the planet’s most endangered species at the park’s rhino sanctuary.

The Nairobi Safari Walk provides a rewarding opportunity to spot wildlife on foot, and birders will be happy to know that more than 400 species of birds also inhabit the park, including the beautiful grey crowned crane.

And no visit to the park would be complete without popping into the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Elephant Nursery at the park’s main gates. Also save time to pop into Giraffe Centre, near the famous Giraffe Manor, where these long-necked beauties eat right out of your hands.

12. Mount Kenya National Park

The park is in the Central Highlands, east of the Great Rift Valley, Mount Kenya National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that provides the rare spectacle of equatorial snow. It encompasses the country’s namesake highest mountain at 5,199 meters.

Formed by a series of volcanic eruptions, Mount Kenya is actually comprised of three glacier-cloaked peaks. The highest is Batian, although Nelion, the next highest, is a tougher climb. The lowest peak, Lenana, is considered the easiest climb, although unpredictable weather can pose challenges.

The striking scenery varies from glaciers, lakes, and mineral springs to alpine forest and dense pockets of bamboo.

The diversity of flora and fauna provides rewarding opportunities for safaris. Among the wildlife here, you may spot black and white colobus monkeys, buffalo, elephants, tree hyrax, leopards, and hyenas.

These are just among the many admirable tourist destinations in Kenya.
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Stanley Omondi speaks on his current Status with Crazy Kennar




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Stanley Omondi

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Speaking in an interview with Spm Buzz’s journalist,Liz Jackson, Stanley confirmed that they are still friends with Kennar hinting that best friends grow separately.

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1. Zuchu
This is a Tanzanian Artist Singer and songwriter, She is the leading of all the female in Africa with over 2.2 million Subscribers on YouTube and have been signed and worked under WCB label she is a great Inspiration to many.

She has performed in quite a number of Concerts and live shows that has greatly contributed to her Net worth is estimated over being 15 million.

This Nigerian Artist comes second in line of top artist in Africa.
Yemi Alade has over 17 million followers on Her Instagram page. Over 2.1 million Subscribers on her YouTube Channel.

Yemi Alade has released a number of tracks, and she is famously known for her hit song “Johnny”. Yemi has a song on YouTube that has surpassed over 300 million views, this tells you that this lady is not your middle age contestant.

Yemi Alade Net Worth is 500 Million. She is a boss of her own class and claims that she built it all up from the Ground, and she deserves every little bit of it.

Osinach Kalu Okoro Egbu whose stage name is Sinach, This is a Nigerian Gospel Artist that is 50 years of age is also among the top figures in Africa.

Sinach is the Hitmaker of the song Way maker that hit waves all over the world that was her escape to the outside world and gain so much attention and subscribers.

Sinach has 1.97 Million Subscribers on YouTube and counting. She also does write Inspirational Messages to people, that look to have reformed afterwards. She has already released 9 albums of pure Gospel music.

This is a Nigerian Gospel Artist and songwriter that’s 31 years of age.
She won Groove Awards, and is the only Woman that is making a lot of good money out of Music, as she is worth 200 million.

She has 1.46 Million subscribers in YouTube Page and is popular to have been one among the popular female artists in Nigeria.

This is a Nigerian Artist and songwriter that has been also competing very much to make a name for herself.

Her Music has been doing so good as it touches the current lifestyle situation that is happening.

She has 1.14Million Subscribers on Her YouTube Page and 15 million followers on her Instagram Page.

This is also Songwriter from Tanzania, 29 Years of Age she has been releasing tracks from early as from the year 2018 Recently she was heard more of considering the collaborations she did with the International Artists.

She has 1.11Million Subscribers on her YouTube Channel and on her Instagram page she stands at 6 million Followers.

This is a Nigerian Songwriter, whose now 34 Years of age.

The “Du duke” Hit maker lady shocked the world as her song was played all over and being used to make TikTok videos, it’s one of the songs that she had released in the year 2020 that made her name spread all over.

She has 887,000 Subscribers on her YouTube Channel and over 10 million followers on her Instagram Page.

This is a Kenyan Artist and Wife to Kevin Bahati. She Recently had passion for music having been a socialite initially but the motivation from her husband and friends made her be like… lemmie give it a try.

Her Self Confidence hard work and dedication to wanting to also be part of the Music Industry paid her greatly as she released a song with her Husband entitled “Sweet Love” that gave them over a million views and counting.

This motivated her, and she kept releasing bangers that people saw interest in and went on to support her, she now has 783,000. And 2 million followers on Instagram page.


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