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Amidst the sky-rocketing economy, Kenyans have found their way to foreign countries as a survival tactic and as a way to uplift their daily life.

Working in Qatar is not a bed of roses according to Beth Awino, a Kenyan who flew to Qatar to secure a job as an accountant.

There are a number of controls that one needs to focus on when working in Qatar among them being a residence permit that allows you to stroll or even walk around doing your normal chores.

Speaking in an Interview with SPM BUZZ, Beth explains her working and life experience stating that the worker’s payment or salary rather depends on your passport.

“Whatever they are paying you depends on the continent you are from, Us as Africans and someone else from another country, doing the same work but we are paid differently,” explains Beth.

Shockingly Alcohol vendors or partakers require to secure a license in order to buy or basically go to the club which will depend on the level of your salary and your employer needs to approve your permit.

While migrant workers in the Arab states are employed in different sectors, most of them are believed to be found in construction and domestic workers therefore, the migrants there are viewed as low-skilled and poor and the Arabians believe it’s a favour being delivered.

“They view us as poor and they know they are helping us, we come from our country because we have nothing to do, we have no money and we went there just to get help, whatever they are paying you, it’s like a favour, they are lifting your living standards” states Beth.

However, Kenyans are gushing for a chance to work in Qatar as the salary packages are attractive and are known to be a tax-free country.

According to Asinta, a company structured and focused to serve mid-market, multinational clients, the number one employee benefit in Qatar differs between national and foreign employees. For national employees, it is the state pension scheme, while for foreign employees, who account for 94% of the Qatar workforce, it is housing and transportation allowances.

BY: Lyne Gatwiri.

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