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The Image Making Rounds On the Internet Showing a Woman’s RoseCoco was Photoshopped ~ Mike Sonko Refutes Claims that the Woman Sitted Behind Her Was almost Naked



Former Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has refuted claims that a woman who was sitting right behind him was exposing her nakedness.

Mike Sonko (Image Courtesy)

Speaking through his Twitter account (X), he addressed the issue that has been the topic of discussion on all social media platforms, saying that he has had a detailed investigation and come to the conclusion that the photo was edited and there’s nothing like the woman exposing her nakedness.

He goes on, saying that even the seat in which she was seated was reserved for someone else who apparently came late and was allocated somewhere else.

After thorough investigations and going through all the original photos and videos taken during the Anzauni clan function in Kitui last weekend, where I was among the invited chief guests, it has come to my attention that the alleged photo of a woman seated behind me exposing her rosecoco is photoshopped.

The image has been edited to suggest that the woman’s rose coco was exposed, which is not the case. Although there were different women who sat on that particular seat behind me, which was purposely reserved for CS Penina Malonza, who arrived at the function after we were all seated, we have keenly compared the photo with the original one several times and arrived at the conclusion that the photo is Photoshop. Surely, why would someone take an image of a Photoshopped rosecoco and plant it on the thighs of an innocent woman?” Part of Mike Sonko’s statement read:

He defended the unknown woman, saying that she, like other human beings, deserves to be respected as well as being someone’s daughter, sister, or mother and doesn’t deserve what she got. She, however, urged the public with any information on her whereabouts to reach out to him and direct her to his office so that she and the family can be enrolled in family counseling sessions.

He concluded by urging the bloggers to always be considerate when taking photos and avoid zooming should it happen. They have seen something sensitive.

“I would also like to advise the members of the fourth estate and fellow “bloggers” that when shooting cut-away photos and videos of politicians at close range for news or stories, just avoid zooming women’s rosecocos, especially during this hot season when the majority of our lovely women don’t put on panties.” Mike Sonko concluded.

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