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Stivo Simple boy allegedly back in Kibera after landlord kicked him out of Buruburu apartment



Stivo Simple boy is said to be facing a few financial issues following split with manager Chingi who had been funding him as reported on social media.

According to close sources, Stivo Simple recently returned to Kibra after his Buruburu landlord kicked him out following house arrears.

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His former manager Chingi also confirmed this while on an interview with Tuko where he also mentioned to have issues with Stivo’s relatives who have been against him, blaming him for their brother’s on and off fame.

“The Artiste’s Family Is Fighting Me, And I Was Only Trying To Help Their Boy. Now, They Have Returned Him To Kibra. Stivo Is Not Talking, Just Smiling.” Chingi Boy Revealed.

The new development also comes a few months after Mumias MP Peter Salasya stepped in to help Stivo Simple with rent; however turns out that he only paid for the deposit and one month rent.

Stivo’s ex manager spills details

Chingi went on to reveal that Stivo’s family, pointing out at one of the brothers had even moved in at the Buruburu apartment after the singer was kicked out.

“Salasya Never Took Him To Donholm. I Was The One Who Took Him To Buruburu, And After Connecting Him With Salasya, I Advised Him Not To Give Him Money But To Buy The House Items And Give Them To Him. He Was Removed From The House, And His Brother Is The One Living There, Yet I Am The One Paying. Salasya Only Paid The Deposit And Rent.” Chingi Added.

Stivo Simple has been dealing with quite a lot. As reported he has been battling depression which saw him pass out while performing on live TV.

As of now, details of his whereabouts remain unknown to the public but hopefully the artist speaks out soon.