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Most people like to be part of a relationship. You know, to go to sleep on Bae’s buff chest with his arms tight around you and to wake up to him smiling, shirtless, offering you a mug of coffee. It’s the dream, right?

The process of getting here is a different story, but who can blame you for hating it? Yeah, that’s actually a dream each one of us wants to have and live at the moment. We want to live the Hollywood way—the filmed love story way. The problem we don’t get with copying the film is that it is scripted and people are just acting for the sake of it and creating a story, and it doesn’t last after the movie because people go back to living their lives. So, you know…

It is crazy out here lately, especially in relationships. Even in marriages, people are breaking up left, right, and center. Even those in marriages are not happy, and they may just be there for the sake of the kids.

Here’s how you can tell that you are dating fatigued and need to take a break from dating.

Dates start to feel overwhelming.
Dates should be fun. It should be you putting on your best clothes and wearing that perfectly scented perfume.

It’s a bad sign if it becomes the opposite.If you are exhausted just from the thought of going on a date with someone new, you need to take a break. Take care of yourself first. Finding that special someone is not a matter of life or death. Work on yourself first; you got to love yourself first; that is the only way it is going to be easier to include a second party in your life.

It is now controlling you.
If all you can think about when you get out of your house in the morning is whether you will meet someone new, you need to stop. If the first thing you do when you get onto a matatu is scan the faces to see if there’s a man you can date, it’s time for you to find another hobby.

Waking up with that notion, maybe today I’ll meet an angel. Maybe……. you should definitely drop that saying, as dating should be something you add to your already-striving life that’s running smoothly; consider it a bonus.

You need to meet someone because your ex has met someone.
Playing the mark times games, you’ve ended your relationship, like the two of you are no longer dating, but you have eyes fixed on your partner, like, Will they move on? Have they moved on? You are always stalking them, following up on their lives to see what they are up to.If so, You really have a serious problem,you need to make amends with yourself first.

On the aspect of wanting to get a new partner just because you’ve seen your ex move, that is the dumbest thing you can ever do to yourself, because what that will mean is that you are not being real and true to yourself.

You are doubting your self-worth.
Are you getting frustrated because you have been on so many dates and yet you haven’t found one person you would want to go on a second date with? Yes? Take a break.

A healthy dating life isn’t supposed to feel like a roller coaster or take a toll on your emotions. If it does, it’s a sign that it’s time to take a break to re-group.

Who knows? Maybe your happily ever after is you alone. Don’t kill yourself trying to prove a point, and keep up with the pressure of social media and society. There’s actually no point. Who told you they were living paradise heaven on earth? Be you; do things your way; your turn will come; don’t hurriedly rush things.

Anthony is a versatile writer who has the ability to take facts and create a narrative from them. The secret to everything, in his opinion, is determination and consistency


President William Ruto Promises To Secure a Job For Kelvin Kiptum’s Wife Asenath



Kenyan President William Samoei Ruto has promised to secure a job for the late Kiptum’s wife, Asenath, and in addition to that, build her a second house and give her 5 million ksh so that she can be able to support the young two children left behind by the late Kelvin Kiptum.

Speaking on Friday at Kiptum’s funeral service in Keiyo South, Elgeyo Marakwet County, President Ruto said the government would support Kiptum’s family in honor of the pride and glory the late marathoner brought to the country.

This will be in addition to the two three-bedroom houses the government constructed for the late marathoner and his father in a record one week.

“Huyu kijana tushampatia milioni tano tayari naserikali itampatia nyumba mzuri mbali na ile tumejenga hapa. Mama Asenath nitaketi chini na gavana wa hapa ili tukubaliane ile kazi itatoshana na huyu mama ile aweze kusimamia watoto wa kijana wetu mwanariadha Kelvin Kiptum.” President Ruto shared.

In his address at the funeral ceremony, President Ruto eulogized Kiptum as an “ambitious, disciplined, and focused” sportsman.

He also encouraged the public to stay focused and not let Kelvin’s death deter them from accomplishing and doing the most for the country, as it is not just a lesson to learn from his death but also a reminder that it is also right to leave a good legacy behind.

“I say Kelvin, even in his death, is speaking to us as Kenyans that we may not have gold, we may not have so much, and that should not deter us from being the great country that we must be. All of us as the people of Kenya must love this country enough to be able to make Kenya great,’ President Ruto addressed the gathering.

The late Kiptum died in a road crash on the Elgeyo Marakwet-Eldoret road. His Rwandan coach, Gervais Hakizimana, 36, also died in the crash. He has been laid to rest in Naiberi, Eldoret.

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Nilikua Najua Hao Wataachana Tuh ~ Dem Wa Facebook Reveals Dark Secrets that led To Mungai Eve and Director Trevor’s Fall out



A controversial Kenyan female who goes by the name ‘Dame Wa Facebook’ has shared secrets and the reason behind Kenyan YouTubers’s fallout: Trevor and Mungai Eve.

Speaking in a brief interview we had with her, she said that she already knew from the first time she saw them that they were not going to work because of, first, the same age gap that they had; in other words, they were age mates, and Trevor’s priorities were eye-set on different things rather than concentrating on his girlfriend Eve.

Director Trevor and Mungai Eve

“Kitu ya kwanza hawo wote ni watoto… mimi nilikua najua hiyo relationship is not going anywhere…juu hata ukiangalai age ni same… Ata Andrew kibe alikua ashatabiri sisi tulikua tuh tunangoja waachane.

Hata mimi trevor siwezi date juu ni myoung ni mtu anafikiria wanawake wengine…hawa wote hakuna mtu mature.” Dem Wa Facebook shared.

She goes on to share an insight on what the two should do, saying they are not good to each other and they should each find other people who are way older and more mature than them. Pointing out that there were so many things that were off, including them staying without a child for that long and having the necessity to raise one, as per her, not wanting to have kids while they were together was a big red flag that they were not meant to be.

Adding to that, as much as she knew this was going to happen, she kept her lips shut because she knew if she dare opened her mouth and said something about their relationship, they would criticize and call her names, hence why she opted to just keep silent and let it happen, or rather unfold right before their eyes.

“Wangesema mimi ni adui wa maendeleo. Hatuwezi waambia tunanyamanzanga wakiachana ndio tunakuja kupiga nduru.”

Calling Trevor a coward for renaming their YouTube channel, as he should have just let it be.

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Muwe na Adabu ~ Angry Truth Watchdog Sends a Stern Warning To Online Media Channels



An Angry Truth Watchdog has called out Kenyan online media channels for campaigning and pushing topics that they haven’t justified yet.

Watchdog shared his disappointment with online media channels for propagating false information about celebrities tarnishing their names when they haven’t even confirmed the whole story. In this case, he was particularly referring to Kenyan female YouTuber Mungai Eve.

Mungai Eve (Image Courtesy)

He feels like the media didn’t do right by propagating false, unjustified news and intel regarding Mungai Eve, adding that just because someone is trending doesn’t mean you go sourcing for stories that talk negatively about her, and most importantly, something that happened way back in the day.

“By the way, online media mukuwe na heshima na mukuwe na adabu hii ujinga ya kuleta vitu zenye hata hujui sijui Eve was cheated on and beaten up by Director Trevor. Eve anakaa msee wa kupigwa anyamanze yule???” Watchdog shared his disappointment with the online media that was defaming Mungai Eve.

Apparently there has been circulating news that has been persistent because Mungai Eve and Trevor sparkled breakup rumours, and many online media and blogs came with different stories regarding their relationship; some even said that their relationship was over like a years ago.

Director Trevor & Mungai Eve (Image Courtesy)

“We worked together last year while not being in a romantic relationship until February this year when we officially decided to part ways” Director Trevor shared.

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