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Sickle Cell is a monster man ~ Akuku Danger Shares Latest Update With The Disease He’s Battling



Kenyan comedian Mannerson Odour, famously known as ‘Akuku Danger’, has shared his recent update on sickle cell disease, saying the Lord has been faithful and he is alive by the mercies of the Lord.

Akuku Danger’s experience with the illness is well documented; he has previously experienced bouts that required hospitalization and calls for support from friends and family. The comedian went on to say that the illness has really affected him, causing him to fall behind, particularly when it comes to attempting to make ends meet.

“These past few weeks, God has really come through for me. Sickle Cell is a monster man. One minute you are going about your business and working hard to chase this bag, and the next minute you are fighting for your life in the hospital.” Akuku Danger’s statement read:

He concluded his statement by clarifying that, as much as this might be a sensitive thing to post, he decided to do so to motivate all those battling sickle cell disease by telling them that they are way stronger than they think.

“I’m posting this not for sympathy or anything but for all the sickle cell warriors out there who are looking for inspiration, and yes! You are all stronger than you think,” Akuku Danger motivated all those battling sickle cell.

One of the people who have continuously stood with him and helped him raise funds for his medical bills is actress Sandra Dacha, a close friend of his that he has been seen with at most functions, and they have acted a couple of skits together.

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