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Shaffie Weru defines the meaning of true friendship



Kenyan media personality and former radio host Shaffie Weru has defined the real meaning of true friendship.

Speaking alongside our very own journalist Silvakido, Shaffie described true friends as those who are loyal and those who are always checking up on each other regularly.

Anyone who checks on you to see how you are doing—that’s the real friendship; you need not see each other every day… It is all about loyalty. Hakuna kitu ingine, I know your strengths, and you know my weaknesses; that’s what it is all about,” Shaffie shared.

The former Kiss 100 radio host dug deeper into the true meaning of friendship, saying they are those people who will always show up and support you even on your lowest, adding that real friendship is all about lifting each other up.

He, however, dismissed the idea of the type of friends who normally indulge in unconstructive things each and every time they meet; all they do is indulge in alcohol without doing anything else constructive, saying those are not good supportive friends as they are those who are just looking to keep you grounded, not wanting you to grow.

Hii ubeshte ya kuonana every evening pale maskani… ile ubeshte ya kuitana every Friday is not real friendship; those are drinking friendships.” Shaffie explained.

Why Rigathi Gachagua directed that some clubs be closed down:

Shaffie also shed some light on why Kenya’s deputy president, Rigathi Gachagua, had directed that there be regulations in places of entertainment or else they would be closed down, saying that this is very much propelled by the fake friends who want to make life difficult because of their addictive behaviors that cannot be controlled.

Kina Riggy G wanataka kutufungia raha because wasee wanaharibu… wanabuse privilege because now when you overdo it, it becomes a waste. A lot of people (wasee wa shisha included) are losing jobs out here because of the untamed behaviors of a few individuals.” Shaffie explained

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua recently reaffirmed the government’s unwavering commitment to combating the proliferation of illicit alcohol across the nation. In a determined stance, he announced that stricter measures would be implemented to tackle both the production and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

He highlighted ongoing reviews that have led to the temporary closure of clubs and restaurants in various counties for 21 days. These closures are part of a larger effort to enforce new regulations and issue licenses in compliance with the updated guidelines.

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