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Peter Salasya reveals his ideal type of woman after turning down proposal from a lady



Mumias MP Peter Salasya is among Kenya’s politicians who have decided to showcase their social life in the social media space.

His bubbly character has over the last several months impressed netizens, even though some have ended up questioning his sanity.

Born in in January 1989, Salasya has been hitting the headlines for a while.

The recent one that caught netizens’ attention was when he asked for Charlene Ruto’s hand in marriage through her father.

Despite that, he has received several proposals from women; who claim to have a huge crush on him.

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There’s been yet another woman who used a placard to declare her love for Salasya.

At first, Salasya turned down the proposal and claimed that the woman is not his type.

He responded via his Instagram after posting her photo;

Nasikia hii iki trend ….hii machine ni kubwa sana sidhani kaa niko na nguvu ya kuendesha hii machine nitashindwa na kazi sitaki kudharauliwa kwa sasa😄 🤣 😂 😆

The un-identified woman finally met with Peter Salasya, seemingly at an eating joint.

Salasya questions her on why she thought they’re a good match as the lady responds telling him to give her time and he will soon find out.

Salasya continued to post the video of him in tandem with the lady and he captioned;

Nimekutana Leo na huyo dem alibeba placard ati ananitaka 😄 🤣 😂 nimemuliza kama bado ni vajo akanijibu nitajua tu aki sasa nitajua aje

From what Salasya wrote, it’s evident that Salasya doesn’t fancy ‘thick’ and curvy women.

Either way, Salasya was open to dating the woman, only if his fans would agree that they make a perfect match.