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Nurse Judy Exposes Her Former Hospital Manager For Gossiping About Her With Former Workmates



Kenyan socialite nurse Judy has exposed her former Filipino manager for portraying a high level of unprofessionalism by gossiping about her with the former nurses she used to work alongside before being dismissed.

Nurse Judy (Image Courtesy)

Sharing the details on her page, she posted what she had been informed and asked the public if, at any point, what the Filipino manager had done was suable.

“The audacity of my previous floor Filipino manager. A whole D.O.N. being unprofessional, discussing or rather gossiping about me with nurses on the floor, I used to work in telling them a bunch of lies and discussing my personal life. One of the Filipino nurses called me, and we have been on the call for close to an hour. Part of Nurse Judy’s statement read:

She goes on to point out that it is actually the same hospital that terminated her because they denied her vacation days and leave of absence even when she needed them the most. Something that ended up making her choose family over work was because she was not offered flexibility, even a short leave that is usually offered in her line of work.

She points out her former manager as one without morals because she used to do that even back then when she was there, and it turns out she hasn’t changed an inch, adding that she is greatly disappointed with the way she is leading her team, as she is portraying a bad example and direction to the entire staff and doing the complete opposite.

“But I’m not surprised; she always had that behavior of gossiping with her nurses in Tangalo. Mark, this is a manager who should be leading by example. SMH! She should be asking her nurses to speak a common language. Who should be discouraging work gossip, etc.? But herself is what she does best.” Nurse Judy shared her disappointment.

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