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Netizens react after learning millions of shillings government will compensate victims of wild animal attacks



The public has reacted to the government’s decision to compensate the public should they be attacked by wild animals.

President William Ruto (Image Courtesy)

The Kenyan President, who was addressing a gathering said that finally amends have been made as the law has changed, and any resident who is attacked by wild animals will be compensated with a ransom of 3 million ksh.

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Tumesema kama Serikali mtu akiuwawa na ndovu tunamlipa shilingi million tatu kwanzia sasa.” President Ruto assured.

This comes days after continuous reports from the public of wild animals being on the loose and attacking humans.

The president went on to say that the compensation will depend on the damage that the wild animal may have caused to the victim, it can be a lot or less.

Tuko katika harakati ya kupanga hii maneno na kama umeumizwa zaidi tunaeza ogeza mpaka million nne…tutapangana pamoja.” President Ruto

Below are some screenshot reactions from the public concerning the matter:

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