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Kenyan musician Noti Flo has declared that her next relationship will be her last. Taking to her Instagram, the ‘foto moto’ hitmaker said she only wanted people who are thirty years and above, “My next relationship will be my last. Ill only date when I’m certain its leading to marriage. I’m done playing. 30 & above only so kids f off.”

Adding that she is willing to wait for as long as it takes, “Also, am not in a hurry. I’m currently loving me & working on me, I don’t care if I wait for years for the right one. Its better than ending up with the wrong one.”

In April this year, Noti flo announced that she had broken up with her partner, King Alami. This was through an interactive Q & A session on her Instagram when a fan asked how they fairing. Responding to the question she revealed they were no longer an item, “You are gonna have to greet her yourself because I broke up with her,” she responded.

On why she broke up with her, “There were rumors going around that she is an escort. I confronted her but she denied,” adding that this made her follow her secretly after she left their house abruptly, “So last night she told me she was going to her cousin’s birthday party in Westy. I felt she was lying and decided to follow heron the low and yeah, she went to Runda instead. Some big house. Some old baba opened the gate for her, they hugged and kissed,” she wrote.