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MP Peter Salasya announces short break from alcohol, smoking & Nairobi party life



We have had the likes of Kalembe Ndile, Mike Sonko, Babu Owino among other funny characters in parliament, but none of them have ever been like Peter Salasya.

He is one who enjoys speaking his mind and unlike other members of parliaments who want to appear busy at work, Peter Salasya refuses to maintain low key lifestyle to please his constituency.

However having had many question his productivity as an MP, Salasya now says he has taken a break from the party life to serve his people.

Cream dela cream ama vipi ….i will be back in nairobi next week sahizi ni ground work no drinking no partying no smoking just work alone. He wrote on Instagram ahead of his new projects.

‘Drunk’ MP Peter Salasya urges Kenyan youths to keep off alcohol (Video)

Nairobi life

Before this, the MP had grown fond of sharing videos while drunk and parting with his security detail if not friends – something he really enjoyed.

His trip to Dubai – for a party event, was also never kept secret from his followers not forgetting his confessions on smoking Marijuana shared on his socials too.

With a don’t care lifestyle, Salasya has since gained massive online following, keeping up with the life of lonely at the top.

But seeing this is just a weekend break from his usual Nairobi lifestyle, Salasya promised to be back by start of week day.

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