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Chief Executive Officer of Marini Naturals Michelle Ntalami, has addressed Minnie claims who is invading people’s private space.


Speaking through her Instagram page, Michelle said that Women should embrace each other’s success.

Ntalami said that Minnie took it far by making information public that wasn’t supposed to be aired.

“I kept silent, but lines were crossed. The back to back insults, aggrandizing the drama online, profiting off it with merchandising, as far as taking the attacks to National TV and Radio, coming for my bag and brand, body-shaming other women online, hurling insults and profanity? Not me. You cross my boundaries, I remind you Yours.”

Michelle insisted that it’s only fair that some things don’t need to come out to the world and should be settled privately. Adding that, it is so painful when one destroys someone’s hard work that they have spent weeks and months to build.

“By the nature of the show, on-screen drama is great. But cast members are NOT meant to attack others online. Letting grown women tear each other down on social media is wrong. Allowing them to go on National Media to defame another is wrong. Attempting to demean one’s brand that they’ve painstakingly built is wrong. Drama on the show should remain on the show. Not getting mean, messy and personal in real life. That’s a dirty game. I don’t imagine any contract or company would support this.”

She opted that they should concentrate on building each other’s brand.

” On a month when we are meant to be celebrating women, it’s giving womanhood and femininity such a bad rap. How about online, we show efforts of these women patching things up, supporting and uplifting each other, then take that back into the show? Let’s change the narrative.”

She has although acknowledged her despite mentioning that there are some things she doesn’t like about her. She said that she could learn something from her, as she will also be gladly to help her.

On a lighter note, how about we synergize skills; I teach you Shakespeare-level writing, you teach me how to be a ‘hustler?’ Even after building an eight-figure, international award-winning, CNBC Listed, Forbes-recognized Global Haircare brand, I guess I could still learn a thing or two from you.”

Their beef revolves around the Real Housewives of Nairobi show, where it seems they were arguing about whose wealthier than the other, as she had shared earlier.

“It’s probably because of money, women tend to feel lesser when they feel like you have more money than them or have made more. I am not saying I have made it more than her, but I have always felt her have negative energy.” Michelle said.


Minnie had accused Michelle of faking her Instagram, which in turn Michelle responded saying she doesn’t do that, and she is who she says she is because she has it all.

“I have a good amount of coins in my bank, and that is who I am.” Michelle concluded

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