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Mercy Kyallo, sister to Media personality Betty Kyallo has asked Kenyans to be more romantic in showing love.


Mercy had just landed in Kenya after coming out from Europe where she shared her experience saying Kenyans should up their game when it comes to showing love to their partners.

“Us Kenyans, we are so reserved… ata kama ni date mtu anakushika chini ya meza… I feel like we should be more open, and show affection, kiss and love in public.”

She went on saying that the best way to show love is to actually openly declaring it without doing it in secret.

“There’s no other way of showing love other than genuinely showing love by just being affectionate.”

She added that she is still a bachelorette and still trying to find true love and hasn’t settled on one, yet she is still vetting.

She was asked a question by SPM BUZZ Journalist Silva Kido how many people she is seeing, which she answered saying that she is in that time when she is allowed to do what she wants and that she is still young and not married. Furthermore, she also hinted that she had been advised, until she has found the right one, she should keep looking.

” I am a bachelorette, this is a time of my life where I am dating various people …me I am never shy in posting anyone.”

Mercy has been in a couple of relationships, and she disclosed that she is never shy when it comes to posting her man compared to her sister who has decided to keep her love life private.

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