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Meet the trending Yoga girl who was driving men crazy on stage at Raha Fest



Meet the trending yoga girl by the name of ‘Celonia,aka Cece‘ who was pulling the unthinkable stunts on the stage pole at the Raha Fest event, driving not just men but the public crazy, thirsting to get a glimpse of her.

The yoga dancer (Image Courtesy/Instagram)

If you were in Mombasa, then you’d probably know what I am talking about. Those who had internet access as well might have just come across her video clips that were making the rounds on the internet. She stole the show, as all eyes were on her. There ain’t nothing the public loves to stare at and give attention to, like something that’s unique and eye-catching.

Pole dancing combines dance and acrobatics centered around a vertical pole. The essence of this acrobatic experience is to increase core and general body strength by using the body itself as resistance while toning the body as a whole.

Speaking in a brief interview with our very own journalist Silvakido, Celonia opened up, saying that she embraces doing yoga and has been doing it for the past 10 years now, which is why she is so flexible on stage.

With yoga, you get to interact with your body; you get to learn how to love yourself. For me, it is a personal journey, and I have been doing it for the last 10 years and teaching for 5 years now.

The goal is to show pole as an art, and I believe what I did on stage has killed it and opened people’s eyes to pole as an art form, and I am looking forward to all opportunities that will grant me soft life
.” Celonia explained.

Speaking on her rate card, she said she charges depending on the place she is performing and the duration it is going to take.

It depends on timing—how long you want me to perform—like 500,000 ksh. Usually a set is 10 minutes, and that’s 500,000 ksh only.” Celonia shared.

The yoga dancer (Image Courtesy/Instagram)

Despite Celonia being a yoga dancer, she is also a full-time teacher and has a studio where she teaches yoga classes. On the same note, she sent a shout-out to her parents, whom she described as supportive and very helpful.

Watch Celonia’s full interview below

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