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Man U Super Fan Obienji Speaks on the Inspiration Behind His Tribal Tattoo



Kenyan content creator and influencer Obienji has opened up about the inspiration behind his arm tattoo.

Obienji (Image Courtesy)

Speaking on a brief interview session show called ‘Behind the Tattoo’ by our very own journalist Silvakido of SPMBUZZ, Obienji said that he decided to have the tribal tattoo because it is something he always saw the rugby players with on their arms, and having been one of them, he thought, why not have one of my own as well?

“Hii ni Tribal… Ni ukoo tuh flani yenye rugby players hukuanga nayo nilikua naona watu was samo wanazipiga,watu wa New Zealand wanazipiga nikaona wacha hata mimi nipige moja deadly.

Obienji shwowing his Tribal Tattoo

Yaani inaleta vako tuh ya kiculture culture hivi.” Obienji explained.

Adding to that, he did that because he is an explorer who likes to try out new things that he feels work for him, hence why.

Obienji said that he was tattooed the same day that his friend Wololo also got one of his because, at the time, they were together.

Speaking on the experience of drawing a tattoo, he explained that it is indeed painful, but you won’t feel an inch when you view it differently. He also said there’s a possibility of getting another tattoo and drawing Vybz Kartel, a Jamaican dancehall artist, saying he loves his tracks and the way he is clinical.

Stating the price of his new tattoo, Obienji said that the tribal tattoo cost him 150 pounds, which, converted to Kenyan shillings, is 26,749 ksh.

Obienji dismissed any intentions to ever draw a lady’s tattoo on his arm, the reason being that ladies can turn up on you anytime, unlike artists or what he already has; he even said he’d rather draw an equation on his body than a lady’s tattoo.

Obienji, known for being a diehard Manchester United fan, responded to why he doesn’t have his club’s logo tattooed on his body, saying clubs normally switch up or rather change logos, and he wouldn’t want to end up in such a scenario, but shared the possibility of having Ronaldo’s tattoo, saying he is a legend and all-time best.

Concluded by addressing the haters who are hating on those with tattoos to mind their own business.

Obienji’s Full Interview

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