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Mama’s boy! Mejja goes out of his way to make his mother proud



Kenyan Gengetone artist commonly known as ‘Mtoto wa Khadija’ aka Mejja has shared the secret to dominating the music industry, going out of his way to make his mother proud.

Speaking in a brief interview with Kenya Online Media host Kemunto, he said what has made him cruise through nicely and be on top of the game despite his age is working with the same person all along, thus his well-known producer, who goes by the name ‘Chrome’.

Mimi hukua na producer mmoja… Chrome… unakutanga ukifanya job na msee moja mnaelewana rahisi.” Mejja explained.

Mejja has also shown his love for his mother by deciding to name his new upcoming album the name of his mother reason being is that his mother has been with him all along.

Mama yangu ndio kila kitu manze…nilinotice nikitoa ID lazima kila msee acomment ndio niliamua kueka hiyo jina.Hiyo album nataka kuita jina yake ‘Mtoto wa Khadija’ kila mahali tuh ni picha yake hakuna picha yangu.” Mejja said.

The ‘Ebu Decide’ hitmaker went on to explain that another thing about him is that he never does imagination tracks as he releases reality real-time event tracks and narrates things that are happening on the ground.

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Sipendi kufanya ngoma za imagination…ngoma zangu mingi ni vitu nimepitia…beshte yangu ama nilikua base beshte yangu akapiga story moja wazimu…na nikaiweka kwa track.” Mejja shared.

The father of one said that it is also good to be open-minded and work with new people despite their numbers on their handles, saying that all that matters is their talent, and people should never look down on that.

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