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Lynne shares encounter with thugs



Kenyan entrepreneur and wife to Eric Omondi has addressed her first encounter with thugs that she was involved in recently.

Lynne (Image Courtesy)

Lynne, who was speaking to our journalist Silvakido, recalled the incident, saying it was a traumatic one, leaving alone being confronted by an anonymous person.

The mother of one said she was coming from a burial then, and in her car, she was with her mother and sister when it all hit them unexpectedly. They opted to use an option road that was ‘forest road’ which ended up leaving them in a traffic congestion, and because of that, thugs were able to have their way with her side mirror.

Tulikua tunatoka burial with my mom and my sister. We were driving while vibing. We were using Forest Road. The whole incident happened in five seconds. Huyo msee alibeba side mirror akakimbia. Akaruka kwa hiyo forest iko hapo.” Lynne explained.

According to Lynne, it happened so fast, and there’s very little she could do considering she was a female with two more on board. Luckily enough no one was hurt just the side mirror alone that was taken from them.

She, however, shared her disappointment over the same, hinting that it is possible that some of those who own vehicles don’t earn as much as the rides they drive, and it can indeed be heartbreaking when they are stolen from, urging the government to reinforce security measures to curb such uncivilized acts.

The police should reinforce security tusikue tunaibiwa kwa traffic, honestly, because you can’t avoid traffic.” Lynne shared.

Lynne also shared Eric Omondi’s reaction upon informing him that she had been stolen from.

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Alinichekelea… immediately I called him…akaniambia kama uko na phone uko sawa…because alidhani niliibiwa the whole thing mpaka the whole hood…aliniambia tuh karibu Nairobi.” Lynne shared.

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