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Kenyan police on the spot following viral video of alleged xenophobic attack on Nigerian man



A few days ago a disturbing video from a Nigerian identified as Gideon Adepoju Olomide aka KJ Zone speaking of the torment he had suffered in the hands of Kenyan police emerged online, causing concern among foreigners and local netizens.

According to KJ Zone a group of 7 unknown workers from the immigration office stormed his house 5 days after extending his stay in Kenya.

3 men on suits and 4 officers on Uniform. They transport me at night with a private van and took me to an undisclosed police station. While my lawyer and my wife were chased at the 17th floor. Part of his post read.

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Gideon Adepoju Olomide aka KJ Zone on illegal arrest in Kenya. Screenshot/X

Through his social media pages, KJ went on to reveal that he had been mishandled, beaten and even tortured by the officers who were demanding money from him.

My visa was extended on 13th of March 2024 for 2 months. On 19th I was mishandled by same Immigration asking for ransom or got deported. My house was scattered upside down without any warrant. They took my phone and my passports, seized me from all communication and condemned me to torture. They pressed my testicles and forcing me to send money out after forcefully taken me to NYAYO house at their office. KJ wrote on his page.

Having suffered for days with no charges presented against him, KJ blamed the Nigerian Embassy in Kenya for working together with the corrupt officers following no help from them despite reaching out.

The Nigeria Embassy in Kenya has been manipulated and using Celestine to hunt’s successful Nigerians for their own greed. KJ wrote.

Africans online react

With the story spreading like wildfire on social media, African’s on Twitter now known as X have expressed concern citing xenophobia in Kenya.

As seen on a few comments, there are those who fingered Kenyan police for using excessive force on foreigners, with some sharing their experiences.

Although the immigration office and Kenyan police remain quiet on the matter, the online community has refused to let the matter slide.

However not all are in support of the xenophobic claims as they applauded the Kenyan police for taking action against illegal immigrants in the country.