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Kenyan media personalities Kamene Goro is considering starting a class to educate people on spelling.

Kamene Goro

Kamene shared the information on her page, saying that she is considering starting a grammatical class after realizing that people, even at their old age, where they are expected to be fluent and good with spelling words, were doing it all wrong.

“I’m really looking at people’s terrible spelling and grammar, thinking maybe I should start a class on spelling and grammar.

How are you over 30 and still can’t distinguish between this and these, there and their, even him and her? Guys!”

Without disclosing the identity of the people who she saw mispelling the words, she expressed her disappointment and hinted that she is having second thoughts about wanting to start introducing sessions where she can educate people on how to use the above-mentioned terminologies or words.

She went further on urging the public that having such small errors might cost them a great deal and advised them to consider googling and researching for something that they aren’t sure about rather than only assuming that it is all well.

“We live in an era where access to information is easy and free so you really have no excuse. I look at Cvs I receive with such Negligent typos and grammar and I’m like why??”

She concluded saying that it would even be better If they double checked their work before presenting it and even better giving it to someone else to look at.”

The former Kiss 100 radio presenter is currently engaged to Dj Bonez and is working on her own terms after leaving Kiss after announcing that her contract had expired.


Tory Lanez Makes An Announcement From Prison Concerning His Career



American rapper Tory Lanez, who is currently behind bars, has made a statement from prison concerning his career, hinting that he will be dropping a new track soon.

He shared the information from prison on a voice message, promising to release a new track soon and assuring his fans that his drive and self-spirit are growing daily, and he hopes to see the fans soon enough, thanking them for sticking with him since day one.

“Yooh What’s good about talking to you from prison right now, men? I am just happy to get out there… My head has always been held high, men. I want y’all to know that I’m in great spirits.

My drive and my ambition are growing stronger and stronger every day, and I’m so proud of how y’all have been moving in my support. I know this feels like a scary time; don’t be afraid, mee. In fact, I’m more prepared than ever. The music, the videos, and all the projects that y’all wanted are all already to drop. So let’s start with the one that we want  most. Tory Lanez said

Tory Lanez was sentenced to 10 years in prison by a judge in Los Angeles after he was found guilty of shooting the American female rapper Megan Thee Stallion on her feet multiple times.

The tragedy that took place back in the year 2020 made the internet blaze with heated arguments, with people saying that it happened because some white people still hate blacks.

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Having Trouble Sleeping? Here is a Remedy



Many usually struggle with finding sleep, and here’s what you should consider trying so that you can sleep at night.

1. Transform Your Bedroom into a Peaceful Haven
Your bedroom should be the calmest room in the house. If you live in a city or other noisy environment and loud sounds wake you up several times a night, try using ear plugs or muffins.

2. Get a new mattress.
Most of you don’t know that the problem is actually what you are sleeping on; you bought your mattress centuries ago, and you can’t even remember the date.

Mattresses are known to last 8 to 10 years beyond that period of time; it can even be less than that, depending on the number of people sleeping on them. After that period, mattresses become less comfortable and risk interfering with your sleep.

You may start experiencing difficulty falling asleep because of that.

3. Change your pillow.
A number of people invest hundreds of dollars in their mattresses and forget to acquire a pillow that’s responsible for supporting your neck and spinal column.

It’s important that it’s replaced yearly.

4. Make sure the sun doesn’t wake you up.
This one will touch many. Ensure that wherever your bed is, the sun doesn’t wake you up because this might limit your sleeping time. Ensure that the windows are fully covered when it comes to ensuring that they don’t heat up your bed much. Ensure your bedroom is always cool at room temperature and not too cold or hot.

5. Come up with a daily routine.
Make it a tendency that before going to bed you always take a shower or even better brush your teeth, and then going to bed your mind will always adjust and adapt to it and know that after a shower it’s bedtime.

A routine at bedtime will help you fall asleep faster and can be the perfect solution for insomniacs.

6. Don’t go to bed too early.
You see that saying that tomorrow I have a bus, flight, or train to catch. Let me sleep early so that I can wake up early. As far as it is an ideal option, it wouldn’t work; it really depends on people.

Going to bed when you’re not tired is likely to have the opposite effect and end up interfering with your sleep. Go to bed when you’re actually tired, or it is time.

7. Hide Your Alarm Clock
An alarm clock is useful, yes! However, if you are suffering from insomnia, it is good that you hide your alarm clock.

Many insomniacs tend to stare at their alarm clocks when they have difficulty falling asleep, which causes stress and feeds their insomnia instead of helping them doze off. The same applies to those scrolling their phones even in bed; leave it be and place it in a drawer.

8. Try some lavender.
Lavender essential oil is an effective weapon against sleep problems, especially insomnia. It lowers blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature, and it can help you fall asleep more quickly.

You can also consult professionals to guide you on what you should consider using

9. Refrain to Taking Caffeine Before Going To Bed
This goes to all those of us who love taking coffee before going to bed. Apparently, you shouldn’t take any caffeine 6 hours before going to bed.

10. Reduce Your Stress Level
If you have anything troubling your mind, then deal with it before going to bed because you 100% won’t be able to sleep. If you can’t be able to deal with it then consider distracting yourself with watching or listening to music, either of the two should be able to work.

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Former Maria Actress Tobi has Shared Cute Photos Narrating Her Pregnancy Journey



Former Maria actress Belinda Joanne, famously known as Tobi in the show back then, has shared cute photos narrating her pregnancy journey.

She shared the pictures through her social media page, explaining the time when she took the pictures.

“Mama was 38 weeks here, she wrote in the caption.

Belinda and her twin sister, Alexette, acted as Kobi and Tobi in Citizen TV’s Maria drama series, which used to air weekly at 7:30 p.m.

Belinda & Her Twin Sister

Belinda also hinted that hiding her pregnancy was one of the things she has kept a secret and doesn’t regret doing so.

She however, hasn’t revealed the face of the father to the public; only pictures of herself have been posted, showing how she was when she was expecting on her earlier stage.

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