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Jaymo Ule Msee advised Kenyan men to quit asking ladies for their body counts. 



“Body count,” one of the most disturbing words among Kenyans today. 

Content creator, Jaymo Ule Msee advised Kenyan men to quit asking ladies for their body counts. 

Online content creator Wilson Muirani famously known as “jaymo Ule Msee”, is known for his short comedic skits, and now the latest celebrity dad in town and is known to name himself as “team Mafisi chairman” 

Speaking in one of his interviews on Nation Tv “the wicked edition” by Dr. King’ori, he said that body counts should be the least of men’s worries when pursuing any lady. 

He added that body counts does not define anything and warned men that the information may haunt them. 

“Why are you asking? Those are toxic things”. 

The famous comedian djshiti, commented “hiyo nayo ni ukweli endeleaa na mtu penye ladies pia tudanganyeni kabisa!! Niambie hawapiti wawili nifurahie…” 

In case you didn’t know, bodycount is one of the trouble-causing issues in today’s relationships. 

Well, according to Google body count is the number of people you have sex with. It does not matter how intimate the make out was, or how much stuff you have done with someone. 

In relation to the struggle kenyan youth go through before finding “the right person” they undergo some struggle or a journey towards getting into a stable relationship. 

In most cases, they find themselves having to open up to a couple of people hoping to get a perfect partner. 

In some of the responses,we found out that ladies find it disrespectful when this question is posed unto them. This is simply because some things are just better left unknown, some information better left undiscovered. Let people divulge it willingly if they choose to. And if they don’t, that’s fine too. Don’t bother them.


Muwe na Adabu ~ Angry Truth Watchdog Sends a Stern Warning To Online Media Channels



An Angry Truth Watchdog has called out Kenyan online media channels for campaigning and pushing topics that they haven’t justified yet.

Watchdog shared his disappointment with online media channels for propagating false information about celebrities tarnishing their names when they haven’t even confirmed the whole story. In this case, he was particularly referring to Kenyan female YouTuber Mungai Eve.

Mungai Eve (Image Courtesy)

He feels like the media didn’t do right by propagating false, unjustified news and intel regarding Mungai Eve, adding that just because someone is trending doesn’t mean you go sourcing for stories that talk negatively about her, and most importantly, something that happened way back in the day.

“By the way, online media mukuwe na heshima na mukuwe na adabu hii ujinga ya kuleta vitu zenye hata hujui sijui Eve was cheated on and beaten up by Director Trevor. Eve anakaa msee wa kupigwa anyamanze yule???” Watchdog shared his disappointment with the online media that was defaming Mungai Eve.

Apparently there has been circulating news that has been persistent because Mungai Eve and Trevor sparkled breakup rumours, and many online media and blogs came with different stories regarding their relationship; some even said that their relationship was over like a years ago.

Director Trevor & Mungai Eve (Image Courtesy)

“We worked together last year while not being in a romantic relationship until February this year when we officially decided to part ways” Director Trevor shared.

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You Have No Right To Rule Her Out ~ Truth Watch Dog Defends Mungai Eve Calling Out Director Trevor



Truth Watchdog has shed some light on Mungai Eve and Director Trevor’s fallout, which has been trending for days now, saying that Trevor has no right whatsoever to cancel Eve from the YouTube channel.

Speaking in an interview session with our very own journalist Shiku, he said that Director Trevor shouldn’t rule Eve out because they both worked hard to build the channel that has numbers now, and if at all they need to split, then they should share what they have equally without partiality.

Mungai Eve &Director Trevor (Image Courtesy)

“Hata kama Trevor ndio alikaa kwa computer akafungulia Eve channel…content ni ya Mungai Eve, If there’s no written contract, no one can claim that this is my work; it is an equal work… You have no right to say my services are no longer needed, which is wrong for Eve.” Truth Watchdog shared.

They traded back a while to an incident where Trevor had said before that he would give everything to Mungai Eve should it happen, which is what it looks like as the moment urging him to do so and keep his word.

He goes on saying that the best thing the duo can do is work out their differences as the channel they have built is big and the brand itself, and the least they should do is separate and let it get into their work, advising them to remember their past lives and moments so that they can see meaning in what they have and what they have worked hard for, sharing a sentimental statement saying that ‘You will never know the meaning of living until you make peace with death because it is inevitable.”

He did also urge them to drop their egos and concentrate on the work that made them the people they are right now, reminding them that, as much as their differences might be big, they shouldn’t allow them to mix with their work that has been putting food on their table.

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Frasha Speaks On Why He Released a Track Even after Quitting Music



Kenyan legendary artist Frasha, who used to sing more back in the day, opened up about why he returned to the studio even after saying he was done with singing. 

According to him, he decided to release a banger because he wanted to first learn what the public loves most before diving into the music arena. Adding that to him, that was a break so that he could come back strong and release something relevant that would be loved by his fans, and he never really quit music as he felt he had been in the industry for a long time and needed that break and watch from a distance.

“I took a break because nilikua nimekaa kwa industry for long. Na pia ni poa kustep aside, na kusee how the new cats are coming along, nilikua nasoma tuh watu, that’s why Niki come back. I started to do ‘Amapigenge’, a mixture of amapiano and genge, because niliona kuna hiyo trend.” Frasha explained. 

The famed Kenyan music group P-Unit’s lead rapper, had revealed way back then that he officially intends to drop the microphone after 23 years in the game.

Frasha took to social media to say that 23 has always been his magic number, and therefore he intends to make it special in his life.

“23 is a magical number for me, 2023 is a magical year for me, and 23rd is when I bid the game goodbye officially… Thursday, February 23, 2023, will be my last public show and also my birthday party.” Frasha’s statement read:

The legendary rapper, known for his smooth, cheeky lines during the group’s early years, had been in the music industry for 23 years.

He went on to say that he decided to try something new because he felt it was good to experiment with new things and see if the audience would love them, and that’s the good thing about being unique so that you establish your niche. 

He concluded by advising the upcoming artists to believe in their dreams and keep putting in the work, and their day would come eventually when they would shine. He added that music pays; all you have to do is believe in your craft and put in the work. 

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