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Jalango’s advice to individuals thinking of skipping education due to unlimited job opportunities



Lang’ata Member of Parliament Phelix Odiwour, famously known as ‘heavy J Jalas’, has advised all those considering not learning because of the limited job opportunities in the country.

Speaking in a brief interview, Jalang’o urged individuals to not even think of dropping school, as learning and education are the keys to success. This comes after Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi urged youths to not waste money going to school and pursuing higher education because they’ll end up jobless; he instead urged them to use the money to start a small business that they can use to build themselves.

Inasmuch as there might be high rates of unemployment cases and limited job opportunities in the country, Jalang’o urged the public to ensure they pursue their different courses and finish studying because you’d never know when your papers might be needed; in other words, it acts as backup just in case they are needed, and it is also important to be learned because even so, who would employ one without the necessary skill set?

Ndio kazi hazipo lakini uskiose kwenda shuleni kwa sababu haujui ni lini utaitishwa vyeti vyako.

Na kama kweli Eric alikua anaamini kua university is not worth it; he didn’t have to take 6 to 7 years at the university
.” Jalang’o said.

Below is Jalang’o full interview:

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