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Jackie Matubia Speaks on why she doesn’t talk with baby daddy Blessing Lung’aho



Kenyan actress Jackie Matubia has shared the reason why she doesn’t talk with her second baby daddy, Blessing Lung’aho.

Jackie Matubia (Image Courtesy/Instagram)

Speaking in a brief interview she had at the Kalasha Awards, she said she only talks to her first baby daddy and not the second, reason is because of the cryptic message she shared, as quoted below: “Ukiongea na ukuta…ukuta hurespond ?” Jackie posed a question, restating her case on the matter.

She also insisted that she doesn’t like advising couples in marriages or in relationships because you end up being the wrong person as they always never listen to you, adding that even so, she’s also not in a position to give advice because she herself has two failed marriages.

The single mother of two beautiful girls added that she is no longer interested in dating or getting married anytime soon because she is busy trying to build an empire for her two beautiful darlings. “I am a single mother of two beautiful girls, and I honestly don’t plan on getting married soon as my priorities lie in building an empire for my two daughters.” The award-winning actress is also working on her own web series called ‘Toxic’, which she hinted will air on her YouTube channel on April 17th.

The web series will be a show that will bring the live experiences of couples and people who are and have been in toxic relationships.

Jackie Matubia’s Message to Single Mothers:

She believes being so doesn’t make them incapable and not worthy, urging them to stand up for themselves and the kids and set the pace for their children.

As I always say, it doesn’t make you a lesser woman. It doesn’t make you short of any other woman that stands… It doesn’t make you believe that your kids will also be single parents. Break that stigma; you are the hero, the best, and the queen!” Jackie Matubia clarified.

Jackie concluded by urging creatives and all those looking up to her to invest in their craft and brand, as well as doing detailed research on their craft.

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