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“I do it to boost his self-esteem” Size 8 on why She washes her husband’s boxers



Kenyan-renown gospel artist Linet Munyali, commonly known as Size 8 ‘Namba Nane’, has opened up that she has been washing her husband’s boxers for the last 10 years now.

The Murayas (Image Courtesy/Instagram)

Size 8 who is engaged to Samuel Muraya, commonly known as ‘Dj Moh’, was speaking on a sit-down reality show at Tv47 where they were talking about marriage life when she proudly disclosed that she does wash them so that it reminds her man that he is the head of the table, and it also helps to keep him in check.

I intentionally wash my husband’s boxers. Since we got married, he has never washed them.

It is actually a physical way of reminding him who he is, and let me tell you, me washing them is not necessarily for him to see me as a humble wife, but to boost his self-esteem. I am doing it for him
.” Size 8 explained

Her husband, Dj Moh, who was also in the show, responded by acknowledging his wife for helping him out and wondering why many looked surprised that he never washes his own boxers.

Kwa nini watu wanashtuka wakiskia naoshewangwa boxers? Kwani nyinyi hamuoshewangi?” Dj Moh asked.

Size 8 and DJ Mo have been blessed with two beautiful children. And have been together for over 10 years now. They’re among the favorite couples that many look up to online.

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