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Pressure has become one of the greatest obstacle we face as a society because we are expected to stand out and be that person, high hopes and expectations from the public as well as bars have been set and so if you don’t amount to that person you will start developing a very low self-esteem.

Also, comparison is also a great problem if you want to have a peaceful life then you should ensure that you don’t compare yourself to others and ride your own wave.

If you are that person battling with this and end up having a hard time living not just a day, then you should take a look at these facts.

1. Nobody is Perfect.
You should put in mind that everybody has a weak point and also breaks down, just because you saw someone happy, doesn’t necessarily mean that they stay that way all through.
And so you shouldn’t judge yourself too much and worry a lot. People have mastered the way they will want to be seen by the public, and they will not allow you to see their dark side nor their sad days and so by doing that you could’ve done yourself a big favor, guarding your happiness.
There’s actually totally nothing like perfection all the way up even those great artist models and celebrities you see they don’t look the way you see them on the pictures, a lot of alteration happens on them.

So get up, wipe those tears and stop feeling sorry for yourself just because you don’t rock like them some of them are even faking their lives you are better off.

2. Accept Yourself and the Situation You are in.
Once you master this aspect of allowing yourself to take credit of appreciation, you will start seeing things from a different perspective.

Allow yourself to accept the possibility of knowing that not everything will work your way and roll in the line you are in. Growth is inevitable and it will happen, everybody has their own time to shine.
Learn to take life easy on yourself, that is the only way you will feel right about stuff.

3. Get You a Therapist.
Find someone you can talk to, it shouldn’t necessarily be an expert on that side, but someone you are close to. There’s a saying that goes around saying that when you share your problems they seem to be half solved and there’s some relief you feel about it if you are being genuinely honest.
Having that one person helps you a great deal because you will not do anything that will subject you to harm’s way.

4. Listen to Your Inner Self.
Having those instincts that always guide you to do the right thing their voice is always not so loud enough nor persuasive reason as to why some people ignore them but trust you me they are the best that one can ever get.
It also starts with having self-control on yourself.

5. Have a Safe Space Where You Can Confide in.

This generally means having a place you can call home its not necessarily a house, it can be a place where you can go to, a quiet place where you can go and drown your thoughts from a long day.

When you are having a bad day the last thing you need is disturbance having that peaceful mind is what everybody wants where its just you so that you can reflect stuff and try to solve your problems.

Having that peaceful atmosphere or place helps you relax from your worries and help you come out strong than before.

6. Get Yourself a Distraction.

Whenever you feel like something is taking over you the worst thing you should not try is be idle immediately find something to do make your mind busy in other words go start doing something that you love doing.

This will help you as you will be in another world from where your stress and worries are in its kind of like a break, vacation from who you are. That distraction will help you relax and by the time you come back you will realize that it has all faded away also avoid overthinking about when you’re not at it it will not bother you and so do exactly that.





Ghanaian Dancehall artist Shatta Wale has arrived in Kenya for the first time and is set to pull off big projects.

Speaking to the Press at the Airport, he said that he came in on a business trip and would do anything else that comes up. He has also spoken his personal experience with working with American artist Beyonce.

“I just came on a business trip, see a few friends and do a little siting. And I know Kenyans love Dancehall too and am here to see If I can do one or two things.”

Speaking of working with Beyonce he said that she is a queen and a very big achievement for him as it helped him realize his potential and get more opportunities.

“I think Beyonce is one of the queens in the music and I think she puts me on track…really gave me that leverage to hold a lot of avenues in life. So I think that was one of my greatest opportunity in my music career.”

Shatta Wale has done quite a number of Collaboration music with Beyonce, but the one with the highest number of views is “ALREADY” released 2 years ago alongside Major lazer and Beyonce that has over 60 million Views.

The song embraces the African culture and has a very powerful informative message that encourages people to keep working and embracing their achievements.

He has also promised that he might work with a couple of Kenyan artists and maybe get to see if they can do a music collaboration if he gets time.

He said that he decided to tour Kenya because he loves the vibe that Kenyans have and the whole country as large.

This is not the first artist comprehending Kenyans, as this has been seen by a couple of other artists who have arrived in Kenya, amongst them being Roberto and Ayra Starr.

Speaking about his relationship status, he said that he is till not seeing anyone and is single, should anything happen in his time in Kenya he would gladly take it.

He also talked a little about his latest album, saying that it’s entitled (MALI) which stands for Me, alone and Life Ironies, saying that it talks about his journey in music. His Inspiration to create the album came from the struggles he underwent and love from people.

Lastly he answered a question asked by SPM BUZZ presenter Silva Kido about the fallen Content Creator Ahuofe who was well known for mimicking the late rapper 2pac saying that a times it is better to accept certain things and move on as it is life and insisted on people to keep fit and healthy. The cause of the death of the Ghanian Content creator is still unknown.

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Businessman Jimal Rohosafi has surprised his ex-girlfriend with a brand-new car.

Amber ray through her social media page has posted the video captioning with saying that one should never burn bridges.

“Ehe! Kiongozi aliskia nateseka kutumia jeep sahi venye iko juu, Akanitumia gari, enyewe never burn bridges. May God always bless you for me, Chairman.”

These are moments after Amberay announced that she will be taking care of her children alone as in a single mother. Moments after, Kennedy responded back saying that in moments time thus 2 months the truth will be known to the public as to why the break-up happened.

The two were already engaged and were preparing for their unborn child, whom they already had a baby reveal party recently.

Kennedy Rapudo on the other side has refused any allegations associated with moving on from his ex, saying that he isn’t interested in dating anytime soon.

He although promised to meet his responsibilities as a father despite them not being together.

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Omosh who happens to be the Fiancée of Akothee has narrated how he met Kenyan artist Akothee.

Speaking to the press alongside his lover Akothee at the JKIA airport where he had gone to pick, her up, he has disclosed that he met Akothee in Switzerland.

He said that he had gone to do a business meeting when he bounced into her and decided to make his move.

Asked why he chose her, he replied saying that she is so honest, intelligent and trustworthy.

Speaking of the rumors circulating out there about them getting married soon, he said he cares less about it as only him and his lover know what they are doing and how it means to them.

He also did point out challenges he has faced dating Akothee who is a celebrity, saying it’s a challenge.

“Yes, sometimes it’s so a little bit annoying…because we don’t have the privacy.”

He also disclosed the one thing that he doesn’t like seeing Akothee wearing is the makeup and rather prefers her without, as he said he loves her naturally they way she is.

Akothee also plans to get married three times this year, one wedding will take part in Kenya while another one will happen in Switzerland, the third one’s location is yet to be revealed.

The two are set to wed on 10th of April and their wedding will be a private one.

omosh and akothee interview
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