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Government Pathologist Johansen Odour Reveals What Killed the late Kelvin Kiptum Who Was involved in a Car accident



Kenya’s Government Pathologist Johansen Odour has disclosed the reason behind the death of Kenya’s late athlete Kelvin Kiptum.

The Government Pathologist revealed that the world record holder Kelvin Kiptum who passed away having been involved in a car accident suffered serious head injuries.

“The body of the late Kelvin Kiptum has been examined and we performed the post moterm we realized that the late Kelvin Kiptum had sever head injuries and severe skull fractures that were mainly at the base of the skull fractures that were at the base of the skull.

There were fractures on both ribs all four of them and contusion on the lungs severe head injuries is what killed kelvin something that looked to having been caused by a motor vehicle accident.” Johansen Odour shared.

He however told the public that they have collected samples for further analysis because the cause of the death is still being investigated the samples he explained will have to undergo toxcology analsysis.

Apparently the reason they are looking into all these details is basically because they want to understand what may have triggered him to be involved in an accident because after the car was inspected it was found to be in good working condition which means something else may have triggered hi to be involved in the car accident that killed him together with his coach.

“The examiner said there was no pre-accident evidence of a mechanical breakdown, which basically means it had good breaks, tires, lights, and everything mechanically okay according to the investigations,” Mr. Mulinge told Nation Sport on Tuesday evening clarifying that the car was in good condition.

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