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Government Officials Paying Millions For ‘Rose Coco’ Pleasures (Details)



A close source revealed that government officials are paying thousands of money, particularly politicians with power, so that they can get ‘Rose Coco’ pleasure in return.

The corrupt underbelly of the sex trade was recently revealed by an exposé on the Telegram channel, where it was revealed that celebrities and politicians were paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for the pleasure of Rose Coco.

There was a video leakage that was making the rounds on the internet exposing Nairobi Divas, who were draining politicians financially so that they might give them pleasure in all ways.

Prostitution is one of the oldest trades in the world and thrives in the Kenyan underbelly and on social media sites.

The pleasure is mainly done by Nairobi Divas, who charge up to 500,000 ksh for one session of ‘Rose Coco’ depending on the person who is going to be of service.

A quick one: there’s a WhatsApp group that has been formed by the Nairobi Divas called ‘The City Girls’, a group that has quite a number of Kenyan celebrities and socialities in it, leave alone some of the usual influencers that you may actually know; their names stay hidden for now for purposes of their own security.

The WhatsApp group is led by their plug called ‘Diana Kemunto’ who happens to be the link between the politicians and the City Girls. Apparently, she is like a mediator, whose in between, she is responsible for coordinating how the two will meet and helping politicians find the woman they want in what was termed a ‘Preferred Description of the person they want’.

Diana Kemunto, the mediator, then goes to the WhatsApp group looking for the lady who meets the politician’s description, and links them to the Politician.

You’re probably wondering how all this crap started! Lemmie, help you get it. Diana explained during one of the brief sessions she had with an informant who shared the intel online that she was invited to a party at a hotel where she met famous people who looked lonely. And decided to ask them if they needed company; that’s how it all started, and then she could hook them up with her friends. Something that brough a fortune in return she thought to herself why not make it work.

She goes on saying that the men have their preferences, and they would pay her to get them exactly what they want. Adding to that, these famous men cater for the medical checkups of the ladies before they meet and do the deed. Clarifying the whole matter as an individual decision, as it is not forced on one because they are all above 20 years old, meaning they’re adults, and they can make decisions for themselves.

The WhatsApp Forum group was closed after the whole thing broke up with the public. Now there’s word that the matter is being looked into, and should we get any more details over the same, we shall for sure let you know, but as of now, that’s all for today from us.

And for starters who’ve been wondering the whole time what this term ‘Rose Coco’ is and why it is being used, it is actually because Kenyans are creative, and in one way or another, they always find witty names to refer to different body parts without sounding vulgar it is actually the female genital!

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