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Get a life You are getting too old for this ~ Shalkido Ga Cucu Tells Mwalimu Rachael to Stop Talking about Sailors as She is Past Tense



Shalkido Ga Cucu, one of the sailors gang’s individuals, has called out Mwalimu Rachael for talking about sailors in interviews and saying that she has been there.

Shalkido (Image Courtesy)

Shalkido took to his social media page to call out Mwalimu Rachael, urging her to accept the fact that she no longer works with Sailors and embrace the fact that they all parted ways a long time ago, adding that what she should consider doing is working on herself as she is way too old to be chasing clout.

He, however, goes on to tell her to consider starting another group of artists she can manage if she is dying to manage one so badly. He clarified the fact that the Sailors Gang moved on a long time ago, and the least one should do is try to invade their privacy and stir the peace they hold at the moment.

“@theemwalimurachel, its about time you move on from the sailors gang. We, as a team, moved on for a long time and focused on things that mattered more in our lives.

If you think you were so perfect in management, why don’t you create another gang and have them release hits like we did, or rather go to the studio and make your own songs to shate your shitty clout? Get a life; you are getting too old for this.” Shalkido wrote on his page, calling out Mwalimu Rachael.

Mwalimu Rachael (Image Courtesy)

Mwalimu Rachael, a radio presenter, was on the mic check podcast, narrating her journey as the manager of the Sailors Gang, further opening up about how the group was allegedly exploited by different people.

She mentioned that the two collaborations they did with KRG the Don and Octopizzo were not beneficial to them financially.

Rachel openly admitted that she didn’t know shooting and recording for the Wakiritho song were happening until after it was released, much like everyone else.

“This boy came to me and told me wanataka kuingia studio na octo, nikawambia hiyo ni idea poa, mimi naona inaweza, in fact, tuko na hii song nini nini nikasema sawa lakini, let management now manage it, and we had started, but they got impatient. Mentality ya huyu anatukazia, we need the song now, we want this song now, wakarrange kivyao wakifanya song wakashoot video nlikuja kuona kama kila mtu,” she said.

The radio host added, “The genre-tone musical band didn’t receive any royalties in the famous Wakiritho Collabo with Octopizzo, further highlighting their naivety when getting into the deal.”

“Mimi nilitumiwa link nawauliza, you guys did the song. Wakaniambia eeh. Nikuliza na mlikuwa mmeongea aje in terms of doh, ata hawaelewi. Wako like tuko na banger na legend sasa. That’s all that makes us happy.

Honestly, up to today, I don’t know their agreement; all I know is any money, ilikuwa inaenda kwa Octopizo, not to sailors… and they went and did the same thing with KRG men, wakalipwa na nyama na mizinga.” Mwalimu disclosed.

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