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Georgina Njenga Exposes Vincent Mboya For Falsely Claiming To Having Bought Her a Car



Kenyan socialite Georgina Njenga has exposed Kenyan YouTuber Vincent Mboya for falsely claiming that he bought her a car.

Georgina Njenga (Image Courtesy)

Georgina refuted such claims that were shared online by one of the bloggers, showing screenshots of conversations that Mboya was having with the car dealers, claiming that he was eye-set to buy her a brand new car.

Georgina, upon seeing the message, reacted, saying she was indeed surprised on a light note, as the person whom the blogger is saying has bought her a new ride cannot do so, leave alone treat a woman for Valentine. She shared a screenshot of what Vincent Mboya sent her for Valentine, an amount that was way too little. According to the screenshot shared by Georgina Mboya, Vincent Mboya had sent her 3,000 Ksh as a Valentine gift, making her question the capability of ever being in a position to buy her a new ride.

“Kama Hii Ndio anatuma Valentines… Gari ndio atanunua. You guys, my man, can do better, and Mboya is a nice guy but not my type of atafute tu kwingine.” Georgina shared.

The socialite goes on urging the public to advise the YouTuber to refrain from lying to the public, leave alone, putting her on the spot, saying her boyfriend might just ditch her if he keeps doing what he is doing, and assuring him that even his own man couldn’t disvalue her the way Mboya has. “Ambieni huyu niko na mtu na akiendelea hivi nitaachwa,” Georgina added.

The other day, Mboya reached out to an online media channel, asking them to help in reuniting him with Georgina since they were close friends and she had blocked him, and he wouldn’t like to celebrate his birthday alone. This is when the YouTuber ended up linking up with Georgina through a phone call recording when he was talking with Georgina, clarifying that he had sent her money for Valentine’s Day and would top it off later on.

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