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Eric Omondi Completes Building a Bridge He Promised to Finish in Kisii County



Kenyan political activist and comedian Eric Omondi has finally completed a bridge he promised to finish in Kisii County.

Eric Omondi (Image Courtesy)

The bridge that was made of wood initially became an alarming issue when a young child by the name of Kemunto was crossing it on her way to school.

The father of one said he has finally finished building the bridge that will now serve the whole community, a bridge he said will be, symbolizing power in unity.

“KEMUNTO BRIDGE is COMPLETE. This young girl has changed a whole community. She is a hero. This bridge is not only historical but also extremely symbolic. It symbolizes a people’s resolve; it symbolizes the power in unity! That Kenyans can come together and solve their problems. We are bridging the gap. The gaps between the poor and the wealthy must and can be minimized and diminished. We are bridging the gaps created by political and tribal divisions. Team SISI, KWA SISI NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!!! Together, everything is achievable!” Eric Omondi’s statement read:

The comedian has been of great help lately, as he has always been seen stepping up in scenarios where he actually shouldn’t be, from billing people out of hospitals to making a community happy. Eric has indeed captured the hearts of many, with many wanting him to vie for leadership so that he can help the lives of many people who need help and attention from government officials. They believe Eric being in office will help many and help steer the country in the right direction.

The newly constructed bridge in Kisii that was flagged off today by the young Kemunto cutting the ribbon has been commended by many, wishing the father of one all the best in his endeavors and God’s favor in every step of the way he goes.

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